Facilities Planning Council

The Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) Facilities Planning Council is composed of a cross section of campus leaders and is charged with managing the effective use of college facilities. The Facility Planning Council acts as a bridge between the Executive Cabinet and the campus community. This Council embodies the college goals of Inclusion, Transparency, Shared Governance and Decision Making.  Their Roles and Responsibilities include the following:

  • To serve in an advisory capacity regarding college facilities planning; provide direction regarding implementation of the Master Plan and Strategic Plan;
  • To review capital project funding and provide input to identify funding priorities which meet the requirements and needs of the college;
  • To develop and promote an open and transparent process for departments for space utilization/assignment that meets the requirements and needs of the college.
  • To provide advice and recommendations on ways to better and more efficiently manage college facilities;
  • To educate and increase the College awareness of the college’s capital projects, the funding process, state requirements, and available resources;
  • To communicate and understand concerns and weaknesses, and strong points of the college facilities.


Space Acquisition, Relocation and Renovation Requests

  • Procedures
  • Forms (on Yammer)
  • Council Recommendations


Minor Program Requests for 2017-2019

  • Minor Program Request Packet
  • Recommendations when available


Facility Planning Council Membership, Ground Rules, Meeting Notes, Agendas, Forms and Planning documents are available on Yammer's Facilities Planning Council Group.