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Looking for diversity resources? Check our our LW Tech Diversity Wiki for great articles, websites, videos, workshop information, and more!


New: South Puget Sound CC student and staff combined to produce an informational video, "Taking Attendance", about taking attendance in ways that can help make transgender students comfortable in the classroom.

The 17th Annual Washington State Faculty and Staff of Color Conference is coming up Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2012. Three LW Tech representatives will attend: Tish Evora, Payroll Services; Patricia Di-Cristo, Enrollment Services; and Paula McPherson, Academic Affairs. Diversity in Washington higher education provides many challenging opportunities. This conference explores ways of engaging the resources of our institutions so that all of us can enjoy success in our daily work and careers. Find out more info about the conference here.

Neera Mehta, Faculty Counselor at LW Tech, has been selected to represent the college on the state's Multicultural Student Services Directors Council (MSSDC).

The MSSDC promotes the recruitment, retention and successful completion of educational programs for students of color. It makes policies that help guide implementing these goals:

  • A. To advocate for inclusive, equitable and culturally competent policies, practices, and supportive services for students of color.
  • B. To facilitate recruiting students in line with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • C. To advocate for a multiculturally competent recruitment, retention, and promotion process for employees of color.
  • D. To advocate for developing and implementing multicultural and cross-cultural staff development programs.
  • E. To advocate for developing other programs that will maximize academic success for students of color.
  • F. Outreach to and interface with communities and key social agencies with the multicultural services program on each campus.

Congratulations and Thank You Neera for your participation!


Our Mission

Lake Washington Institute of Technology educates, celebrates, and promotes respect for our diverse college community. The college is committed to diversity on campus. The diversity committee presents special events and educational opportunities to the campus throughout the year. Events are open to the public. Come join us for a great experience!

Diversity Chain

Diversity Plan

The diversity committee develops and monitors programs to improve:

  • The diversity of the campus's student population.

  • The climate of acceptance in all parts of the college for people of diverse backgrounds and characteristics.

The committee recommends various priorities to the executive cabinet and president. These include projects aimed at continuing raising awareness for the need for:

  • Diversity on campus.

  • Sensitivity to needs of a broad spectrum of students and staff.

View related college policies and procedures.

Committee Members

Membership includes college employees and students. Check out our Wiki for meeting schedule and meeting minutes.

Sheila Walton, Co-Chair
Manager, Student Programs

Tien Do
Career Specialist, TRiO Programs

Neera Mehta, Co-Chair
Faculty Counselor

Ninderjit Gill
Faculty, Early Childhood Education

Laura Toussaint, Co-Chair
Faculty, Psychology

Paula McPherson
Program Assistant II, Academic Affairs

Julie Autry
Human Resources Technician, HR

Public Relations Officer
Associated Student Government

Diversity Programmer
Student Programs

Lulani Tomaszewski
Program Specialist, Assessment Center


Diversity Committee Minutes