Institutional Research

Cathy Copeland
Director of Research & Grant Development
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Kirkland, Washington 98034
West Building, W302C
(425) 739-8156

The Institutional Research office offers a variety of support services to inform decision-making and planning at all levels throughout the college. The IR office collects, analyzes, reports, and warehouses quantitative and qualitative data. Data is reported externally to state and federal bodies (to comply with regulations), the public and media. IR conducts research and provides data in support of strategic planning, accreditation and institutional effectiveness efforts.

Survey of Entering Student Engagement

The Survey of Entering Student Engagement benchmarks are groups of conceptually related survey items that address key areas of entering student engagement. The six benchmarks denote areas that educational research has shown to be important to entering students' college experiences and educational outcomes; thus, they provide colleges with a useful starting point for looking at institutional results.

Ideally, colleges engage entering students in all six benchmark areas, beginning with a student's first contact with the institution and continuing through completion of the first three weeks of the initial academic term. This time is decisive because current research indicates that helping students succeed through the first academic term can dramatically improve subsequent success, including completing courses and earning certificates and degrees.

While many student behaviors and institutional practices measured by the benchmarks can and should continue throughout students' college careers, the SENSE items and the resulting data focus on this critical entering student timeframe.

SENSE benchmark scores are computed by averaging the scores on survey items composing the benchmarks. Benchmark scores are standardized to have a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 25 across all entering student respondents.

LWTech 2013 Survey of Entering Student Engagement