Corporate Education and Customized Training

Customized Corporate Training

Lake Washington Institute of Technology recognizes the importance of training and lifelong learning for employees in order for business and industry to remain competitive in today's global market. The growing technical complexity of work and rapid changes in technology cause change and result in continual upgrade skills needed of employees. We're here to help you meet that challenge.

Learning Categories

Mill Training, GD & T Training

Leadership, legal issues, Entrepreneurship Development

Fitness, Certification Review, Cooperate Wellness

Office applications, Cloud Development, Networking, Database Development

Contract Training recognizes that each company is unique and therefore has different and very specific needs. We can customize training through a process of working one-on-one or in small groups with your company through a proven five-step process:

Contract Training Process:

  1. We match your needs with our ability to provide services.

  2. We get input from your company by performing a needs analysis and orientation.

  3. Together, we plan your project, ensuring it fits your company's mission and culture.

  4. We design the project and deliver the services.

  5. We assess the project's impact.

Once your needs have been assessed, the Continuing Education office will develop and present a training proposal based on the training requirements and goals identified. The proposal will include recommendations on curriculum, staffing and associated costs.

For more information regarding contract training, please call Christian Bruhn at (425) 739-8370 or via email.