Accounting and Taxes: First Steps - This is geared to the closely-held business (not always a small business) that is in the early stages of the business.


Choice of Entity - This session would cover the legal formation and operational aspects as well as the accounting and tax reporting pieces of the following entities: sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, corporation and S corporation.


Overview of the Individual Income Tax Return - An emphasis, or focus, on Retirees on Real Estate Investors.


Why Copyright Law Matters - Learn why copyright law matters to creative professionals, amateur creators and consumers alike. This seminar will discuss the purpose of copyrights, who benefits from copyright law, how rights attach to creative works, and exceptions to the law and what happens when copyrights are infringed. This broad overview in copyright law will highlight legal issues from the perspective of both creators and consumers, from origination all the way to remixing


3-Dimensional Printing & Intellectual Property Law - What if you could download the design and print the missing button from your favorite shirt? Imagine bringing the product of your child's imagination from crayon drawings to 3D toy figurines. Several companies are marketing accessibly priced 3D printers which are user-friendly enough for hobbyist "makers" and small businesses alike. 

                We have heard about 3D printed guns in the news, understand how personal mp3 players changed the music industry, but how will our society be effected by personal manufacturing? Learn about the practical and creative potential for personalized manufacturing and the technology behind 3D printing. We will explore legal issues surrounding 3D printing technology through an overview of copyright and patent law.


Learning LinkedIn - An overview of LinkedIn and the key concepts

Learning LinkedIn - Part 1 discusses what LinkedIn is, why you would want to add your profile and developing a LinkedIn Strategy.  In order to build your LinkedIn presence, it's important to know what you want out of it.  Some basic social networking guidelines are shared.  Home work is preparing your strategy.

Learning LinkedIn - Part 2 - Developing your profile.  Preparing a complete profile is important in order to be found (come up in searches) and convey what you want - and how you can help the reader.  Each section of the profile is discussed with the importance of each section.  What to do and what not to do. Home work is starting a profile - or perfecting an existing one.

Learning LinkedIn - Part 3 - Developing your network.  Once your profile is ready for an audience, it's time to build a network.   Generally, the larger your network, the farther your reach and influence. A networking strategy should be considered. Homework is to develop a networking strategy and start building your network.

LSAT TEST PREP COURSE OVERVIEW - The LSAT test preparation course provides an intensive review of all three types of questions that will be asked on the the LSAT examination: reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning. You will be thoroughly prepared to approach the LSAT exam by developing a clear understanding of the exam format and types of questions administered. Students will learn techniques for drafting diagrams, interpreting questions and quickly eliminating incorrect answer choices. Additionally, the class will examine approaches for drafting the writing sample in order to stand out to law school admissions counselors.

                The course will provide numerous opportunities to complete timed practice tests in order to employ the general concepts and techniques learned in class under simulated test conditions. Practice questions will be assigned and completed before class meetings. In class time will be utilized in order to review advanced questions, develop test taking techniques and cultivate an in-depth understanding of each aspect of the LSAT. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and confidence to achieve a score that reflects your best potential.


Other possible topics:


Insurance Basics for Business


Basics of getting a loan 


The 4 C's of credit