Computer IT

Access 2013 Level 1 (8 hours) - One of the most efficient and powerful ways of managing data is by using relational databases such as Access 2013. Topics include database management; adding and deleting records; sorting and updating records; running reports; creating and modifying tables; examining table relationships; querying the database; creating and designing forms; and creating and modifying reports.


Access 2013 Level 2 (7 hours) - This course covers how to maintain data consistency and integrity; how to customize database components; improve queries, forms and reports; and how to integrate Microsoft Office Access with other applications.


Access 2013 Level 3 (7 hours) - In this course, you will extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Access by structuring existing data, writing advanced queries, working with macros, enhancing forms and reports, simplifying tasks with macros and maintaining a database.


Excel 2013 Level 1 (7 hours) - Learn to use Excel 2013 as a tool to create and format spreadsheets to better analyze and track your data. Topics include: creating and modifying a worksheet; performing calculations; formatting a worksheet, including font size and type, number formats, merge cells, and applying formats and styles; developing a workbook; printing workbook contents; and customizing layout.


Excel 2013 Level 2 (7 hours) - Increase your productivity and enhance the visual effectiveness and appeal of your spreadsheets. Topics include working with multiple worksheets, working with themes, summarizing data with outlines and subtotals, working with tables, protecting workbooks, and working with templates.


Excel 2013 Level 3 (7 hours) - Summarize data with charts and PivotTables and automate repetitive tasks. Topics include advanced formulas and functions, validating data, summarizing data with charts and PivotTables, analyzing data with goal seek, and automating tasks with macros.


OneNote 2013 Introduction (3.5 hours) - Develop digital note-taking, note-collaboration, and note-synchronizing skills. Topics include managing lists and outlines, search, adding content including pictures, take notes in online meetings, and interact with other Microsoft software programs.


Outlook 2013 Level 1 (7 hours) - Manage your email communications, calendar events, contact information, tasks, and notes. Topics include managing email communications, using the calendar to manage appointments and meetings, using Outlook's People workspace to manage your contact information, creating Tasks and Notes, and customizing the Outlook interface.


Outlook 2013 Level 2 (7 hours) - Learn advanced techniques to fully and efficiently use Outlook 2013 to manage your communications and interactions with other people. Topics include exploring the advanced features such as advanced message, calendar, and contacts management; using the Tasks and Journal workspaces provided in the application to manage task assignments to you and others, and to record interactions you have with your colleagues; and sharing your workspaces with other users, and use Outlook data files to save and back up your important information.


PowerPoint 2013 Level 1 (7 hours) - Create more effective and engaging presentations. You will learn new skills to create a visually appealing presentation for your audience; edit an existing presentation; add images, charts and graphics; and improve your presentation preparation. Topics include layout; text additions, fonts and type sizes; uses of color; slide backgrounds; design templates; wizards; adding photos and graphics; creating, inserting and editing charts and tables; copying, resizing and grouping/ungrouping objects; and adding clip art and pictures.


PowerPoint 2013 Level 2 (7 hours) - Take your presentations to the next level. Topics include customizing design layouts, adding SmartArt to presentations, adding media and animations to your presentation, and creating custom slide shows.


SharePoint 2013 Site User (7 hours) - Learn how to use a SharePoint site. Topics include accessing and navigating SharePoint content, working with documents in document libraries, working with lists, creating and updating your profile, sharing and following content on your personal sites, creating and managing a personal blog, and synchronizing data with Microsoft Office applications.


SharePoint 2013 Site Owner Level 1 (14 hours) - Learn the basics of managing a SharePoint site. Topics include Navigating a SharePoint Site, working with documents and information in lists and libraries, working with webpages, creating and managing sites, making lists and libraries work for you, implementing social tools, and working with wikis and blogs.


SharePoint 2013 Site Owner Level 2 (14 hours) - Windows SharePoint 2013 combines familiar Office tools and the Web into a single environment to share information and collaborate with colleagues. If you are responsible for managing and maintaining your own team site, extend your knowledge with these topics: search for information and people, manage work tasks, workflows, use SharePoint with Excel and Access, work with business intelligence, use SharePoint with Outlook and Lync, and work with content management.


Visio 2013 Level 1 (7 hours) - Create visually engaging diagrams, maps, and drawings. Topics include using drawing tools, creating basic diagrams, formatting drawings, working with pages, creating network and brainstorming diagrams, creating reports.


Visio 2013 Level 2 (7 hours) - Learn advanced techniques to create diagrams and drawings. Topics include creating technical layouts, customizing themes and templates, working with custom shapes and stencils, creating business diagrams, integrating Visio with Word and PowerPoint, creating software and database diagrams, and sharing diagrams using a browser.


Windows 8.1 Level 1 (7 hours) - Explore Windows 8.1 and learn how to create documents, send email, browse the Internet, and share information between applications and with other users. Topics include using Windows Store apps and navigation features, working with Desktop applications, using Internet Explorer 11, customizing the Windows 8.1 environment, and using Windows 8.1 security features.


Word 2013 Level 1 (7 hours) - Create professional-looking documents in Microsoft Word 2013. Topics include creating and editing simple documents, formatting documents, adding tables and lists; adding design elements and layout options, and proofing documents.


Word 2013 Level 2 (7 hours) - In this course, you will create complex documents in Microsoft Word 2013. Topics include managing lists, customizing tables and charts, customizing formatting with styles and themes, modifying pictures in a document, creating customized graphic elements, inserting content using Quick Parts, controlling text flow, using templates to automate document creation, perform mail merges and using macros to automate common tasks.


Word 2013 Level 3 (7 hours) - Use advanced features to revise, manage, and secure your business documents. Topics include collaborating on documents, simplifying and managing long documents, securing a document, and creating forms.