Facilities & Operations

East Building, E199C

Located across from the Electronics Labs, near the Bakery

Staffed Hours

Monday - Friday
7:30am to 4:30pm

Phone: (425) 739-8218

Fax: (425) 739-8296

Email: All Custodians, All Maintenance

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Comprised of six department, Facilities and Operations works together to support the College.

Facilities Administration

Grounds Department

Construction/Capital Projects Blog

Maintenance Department

Custodial Services

Safety and Security

The LWTech Facilities Department is dedicated to providing an attractive, clean, accessible, safe and well planned educational environment to facilitate campus activities, promote conservation, and sustainable practices and support the mission and goals of the College. All efforts of the department are service based, and satisfactory customer service is an essential component and goal of all departmental undertakings.


To meet the increasing demands of a rapidly changing environment and provide services in a proactive, responsive, cost effective and service-oriented manner that parallels and supports the College strategic plan.

Our employees are the backbone of our mission. We will strive to ensure that our employees receive appropriate professional development, training, resources and leadership support so that they are prepared for the demands of the future. Their ability to meet these demands enhances their reputations as well as the departments. We will encourage career and personal growth. Involvement, training, teamwork, trust and respect are essential to our success.

We will continually strive to improve our services, customer satisfaction, value and safety within the boundaries of our resources.

Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning Committee is composed of a cross-section of campus leaders and is charged with managing the effective use of college facilities.