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Employment & Applications

Q. How can I find out about current job openings at the college?
A. Visit the Job Opportunities page for currently open jobs. Or sign up to get a Job Interest Card.

Q. When do you post your job openings?
A. We post job openings as soon as they open on the Job Opportunities page. We update jobs' statuses weekly or as needed.

Q. What's the deadline to submit an employment application?
A. You must submit your application for open jobs by 4:30pm on the job's closing date, unless otherwise stated in the job posting. We accept applications for part-time faculty on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Q. How do I apply for a job?
A. Visit Jobs@LWTech for info on how to apply for an open college job. You can also view a quick "How-To Guide" .

Q. Do you accept faxed or e-mail applications?
A. No. You may only use the online application process to apply for any job at LWTech. We don't accept hard copies, emailed, or faxed applications, resumes, or cover letters.

Q. To whom do I address a letter of interest?
A. You may address your letter with "Dear Human Resources", "Dear Interview Committee", or "Dear Hiring Committee". College committees conduct interviews and will review your letter.

Q. I applied for one job and a similar job opened. Do I have to apply for the other job opening too?
A. Yes. You must apply for each job opening separately using our process.

Q. Can I apply for more than one job?
A. Yes, you may apply for any open job for which you're qualified.

Q. Can I submit an application but not apply for a job?
A. No. You must apply for a specific current job opening listed on our Job Opportunities page.

Q. I'm a current employee. Do I have to submit an application? Will I need to resubmit other required materials, like a resume and letter of interest?
A. Yes. You must submit an online application including resume and cover letter. Visit Jobs@LWTechfor info on how to apply.

Q. How do I un-apply for a job?
A. Please contact Human Resources directly to withdraw from consideration for a job.

Q. I have a disability and need special accommodation for the application process. What should I do?
Please contact:

Melissa Lamy
Executive Director, Human Resources
Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator
11605 132nd AVE NE
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 739-8251
(425) 739-8122 (TDD)

Q. How can I tell when a job closes?
A. When a job closes, it will no longer show on the Job Opportunities page. You can check the status of your application for a specific job by logging into your account here. When we fill a job, we also email all applicants to notify them of the job's filled status.

Q. How do I hear about an interview?
A. We usually contact applicants selected for interviews by phone 2 to 4 weeks after the job closes. Check the job and interview status on the Job Opportunities page.

Q. I have an interview with LWTech. Can I get reimbursed for my travel expenses?
A. For most jobs, we do not reimburse applicants for travel or other related expenses.

Q. Does the job I applied for have benefits?
A. It may or may not. Check the specific job opening on the Job Opportunities page for benefit details. We comply with state Health Care Authority rules and regulations to determine benefits eligibility.

Q. What benefits does a standard benefits-eligible job get?
A. Eligible employees have access to a competitive package of insurance, retirement, and fringe benefits. Visit the Employee Benefits page for specific details.

Q. I got an email from HR saying my application won't be considered for a job until I submit all required documents. How do I upload these?
A. Click here for instructions on uploading documents (such as your letter of interest or resume) to your application after you already applied to a job.



Q. How do I get to the Human Resources office?
A. We're on the 2nd floor of the East Building in Room E215. View campus maps and directions here.

Q. My name recently changed. Should I let HR know?
A. Yes. You must update your name with HR/Payroll Services. Complete an Employee Information & Change form, available on the Employee Intranet or in Room E215. Bring your new social security card that shows your name change into HR along with the Employee Information & Change form. We then update your name for your personnel and payroll records.

Q. My home address recently changed. Should I let HR know? (Even if I'm a student workstudy and I've already changed my address with Enrollment Services?)
A. Yes. You must update your address info with HR/Payroll Services. Complete an Employee Information & Change form to change your address. Get the form on the Employee Intranet or stop by our office in Room E215 during normal business hours to complete the form.

Q. I have other questions. Now what?

A. Contact our office with questions. If you have any suggestions for questions to add to the FAQs section of this website, please contact us here.


Tuition & Fee Waiver

Q. I'm a current employee - can I get a tuition & fee waiver to take classes at LWTech?
A. If you're eligible, Human Resources can give you a tuition and fee waiver. Employees eligible for tuition and fee waivers:

a) "Administrator" - Administrative staff member regularly employed on a contractual basis.

b) "Professional-Technical" - A professional or technical non-faculty staff member regularly employed on an annual basis, including those employed on a part-time basis.

c) "Classified" - A classified staff member working on an annual or "regular" basis (may be less than 12 months).

d) "Faculty" - A faculty member or counselor employed on an annual contractual     basis, including those employed routinely on a part-time basis (three [3] or more consecutive quarters) or a one-quarter full-time appointment.

(Definition as stated in the college's Policies and Procedures manual Chapter 8.A.27)

Q. I'm a current employee - can I get a tuition & fee waiver to take classes at other WA State colleges?
A. You may be eligible to take classes at other colleges. Contact the specific college directly for more info on their policies and procedures.

Q. Can I get a tuition and fee waiver to join the fitness center?

A. Yes, if you are an eligible employee (see the above questions). Stop by the HR office and get a tuition waiver, then sign up for the fitness center through Enrollment Services. We waive your fee so you don't pay anything to use the fitness center.


New Employees

Q. I'm a new employee - do I fill out any paperwork?
A. Yes. All employees must complete the following:

  • Employee Information & Change form.
  • Employee Acknowledgement & Agreement.
  • I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification).
  • W-4.
  • Verification of Retirement System Membership.
  • Information for Federal & State Reporting form.
  • LWTech (online) Employment Application.

If you're part-time faculty and teaching professional-technical classes, you must also complete an application for professional-technical certification.

Q. Should I go to a new employee orientation?
A. Yes, if you're a regular employee. Click here  to schedule a HR Orientation with human resources for your first day of work. Also schedule an orientation with Payroll within your first two days of work. Regular employees must also attend other orientations with various departments; you will get this info during your HR orientation.