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Q. I'm a part-time faculty. Do I get insurance coverage?
A. Generally you must work 50% full-time or more for two consecutive quarters to get coverage. You may also coordinate your time worked with other community and technical colleges to qualify. We administer benefits in line with Health Care Authority rules.

Q. Can I change my insurance coverage?
A. You can make changes once a year during open enrollment. Changes are effective the next January.

Q. How long can I cover my dependent child?
A. You can cover your dependent child up to age 26.

Q. What benefits does a standard benefits-eligible job get?
A. Eligible employees have access to a competitive package of insurance, retirement, and fringe benefits. Visit the Employee Benefits page for details on specific benefits.

Q. I'm a new employee. When's my insurance effective?
A. Retirement benefits start your 1st day of employment. For other insurance such as medical and dental:


It's effective

 If you start the first working day of the month...

 First working day of the month.

 If you start any other day except the first working day of the month...

 First of the month following your employment date.


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Q. How much vacation and sick time have I earned?
A. Check your vacation/sick balances in the Earnings History part of the employee intranet. Your previous and current year-to-date leave balances show here. You can also look at your earnings history.

Q. How much personal leave time do I have?
A. Check your personal leave balance in the Earnings History part of the employee intranet.

Q. I'm going on vacation. What do I fill out?
A. All employees, except part-time faculty, must use TLR to report leave. You must get prior approval from your supervisor, either by email or by signature on a Personnel Leave Request Form. Your supervisor will tell you their required form of request. Faculty do not earn vacation leave.

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Paychecks & Payroll

Q. When do I submit my time and leave to Payroll?
A. Please click to visit the Payroll Calendar for due dates.

Q. When's payday?
A. You're paid on the 10th and 25th of the month. Exceptions include:

 If payday falls on a Saturday... 

 You're paid the Friday before.

 If payday falls on a Sunday...

 You're paid the Monday after.


The Payroll Calendar also details the payday schedule. 

Q. I didn't get my paycheck in the mail - what do I do?
A.  1.  Contact Payroll Services at (425) 739-8214.
       2.  Payroll verifies your mailing address and the mailing of your check.
       3.  If needed, Payroll assists you to complete and notarize an "Affidavit of Lost or Destroyed Warrant".
       4.  Payroll may request a stop payment and re-issue a check. This process takes 1 to 4 days.

    Q. I lost my paystub. How do I find out how much I made on my paycheck?
    A. Visit the online Employee Earnings History system to view your earnings history. Your previous and current year-to-date leave balances also show here. How to access Earnings History.

    Q. Can I deposit my paycheck directly into my bank account?
    A. All regular employees and part-time faculty can get direct deposit. Visit Payroll Services to get the direct deposit enrollment form.

    Q. Can I get an advance on my paycheck?
    A. No. The Washington State Constitution doesn't allow advances. For specific info, visit Article VIII Section 5 of the Constitution.

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    Q. My home address recently changed. Should I let Payroll know? (Even if I'm a student workstudy and I've already changed my address with Enrollment Services?)
    A. Yes. You must update your address info with the HR/Payroll Services office. Complete an Employee Information & Change form to change your address. Get the form on the Employee Intranet or stop by our office in Room E215 during normal business hours.

    Q. My question wasn't answered here. Now what?
    A. Contact our office with questions. If you have any suggestions for questions to add to this section, email us.

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