Emergency Communications

Stay Connected with Lake Washington Institute of Technology's Emergency Communication Notification System. 

LWTech uses two Campus Emergency Communications system to notify students, faculty, staff, the community, and the media when campus activiteis are affected due to unexpected circumstances.

Updates are also posted on Facebook ("LWiTech") and Twitter ("LWiTech").




LWTech uses the e2Campus alert system to communication schedule changes to students, staff, and the community. Registration is quick and easy and you can choose the tye pf alert you would like to receive, text or email.

The e2Campus system is capable of sending emergency notifications instantly and simultaneously to all registered mobile phones, wireless PDAs, pagers, smartphones, satellite phones, and email addresses. The system is also capable of posting alerts on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

If you already have an e2Campus account, you will need to re-apply as all accounts are purged after two years.

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FlashAlert Newswire & Messenger


Schoolreport.org is the alert system used by the media to announce school closures and schedule changes. LWTech staff updates this system at the same time e2Campus is updated. Messages are sent via email and text. A new addition is the FlashAlert Messenger app for iOS and Android.

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