LWTech Award for Instructional Excellence

Nominations for the Spring 2014 Award for Instructional Excellence are now open.

The LWTech Instructional Excellence Award consists of a $1,000 grant to be spent at the recipients's discretion for program improvement or professional growth opportunities.  Three awards per year are provided for nominated faculty members:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  To nominate a faculty member, complete the online form (link provided below). If you have any questions or comments, contact Sally Heilstedt at sally.heilstedt@lwtech.edu.  A selection committee will select one winner per award period.

Extended Dealine: Nominations for Spring 2014 are due June 30th.

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Criteria for the LWTech Award for Instructional Excellence:

The Selection Committee will select finalists based on the following general criteria:

  1. Criteria that is classroom/curriculum centered

  2. Criteria that is student-centered

  3. Criteria that is professionally centered

The general criteria for the award are explained as follows:

1. Classroom/Curriculum Centered Criteria

Describes criteria pertaining to achieving excellence in classroom management techniques, or curriculum development that creates a state-of-the-art, current curriculum.  Examples could include but not be limited to:

  • restructuring an outdated curriculum to include current/future technology

  • creating a unique management tool that solves a particular classroom problem

  • designing an innovative curriculum or section of the current curriculum

2. Student Centered Criteria

Describes criteria pertaining to the instructor's high involvement with and concern for students and student learning.  Examples could include, but not be limited to:

  • developing innovative and sustained student leadership opportunities

  • achieving a high placement rate for students; assisting with job searches, employment leads, and follow-through to assure a high success rate

  • creating unique or innovative opportunities for remedial and/or advanced students

  • maintaining a high classroom attendance and retention rate (both students and instructor)

  • creating and maintaining an unusually high rapport level with students through planned activities

  • maintaining a high enrollment level by meeting student needs and/or by teaching reputation

  • advising current and prospective students

3. Professional Criteria

Describes criteria pertaining to professional growth and development and/or the promotion of good teaching, vocational education, and specific instructional programs. Examples could include but not be limited to:

  • interest in helping peers develop teaching techniques and willingness to share ideas and resources

  • promotion of program to business/industry; develops good rapport internal to LWTECH and in external contacts

  • promotion of vocational education to the public in specific ways

  • leadership involvement in professional organizationsachievement of a high level of professional growth such as completing major coursework, college degree, etc.