Honoring Dr. David Woodall

Dr. David Woodall

Dr. David Woodall
August 2, 1945 - September 3, 2012

Dr. David Woodall led our college with profound vision, passion, and belief in our ability to be a world-class polytechnic institute. He cared deeply for our college family, the community, our business partners, and, above all, our students. On this page we strive to honor the man who, while only with us a short time, made a lasting impression on so many. Here you'll find information on the LWIT public memorial service, information on The David Woodall Vision Fund and details on how to contribute to helping further Dr. Woodall's vision, and a touching list of comments shared about Dr. Woodall from friends, colleagues, community members, students, government officials and friends. Please take a moment to read more about how Dr. Woodall touched the lives of those he met and, if you have a story to tell, please take a moment to share.

The Lake Washington College Foundation has set up The Dr. David Woodall Vision Fund where anyone wishing to make a donation in Dr. Woodall's name can do so. The Foundation's decision to create and name this fund stems directly from Dr. Woodall's passionate vision for our college, our community, and our students. Money in this fund will be used to help realize those visions he shared with us, including increasing scholarship support for LWIT students. To donate, please click the button below. Once on the donation page, just type in "The Dr. David Woodall Vision Fund" in the 'Purpose' box and your donation in Dr. Woodall's name will go toward that fund.

Donate to The Dr. David Woodall Vision Fund


Memorial Service

A public memorial honoring the life and accomplishments of Dr. David Woodall was held on September 27, LWIT's Library.

Students from LWIT's Funeral Service Education, Environmental Horticulture, Culinary Arts, and Multimedia Design & Production programs came together with their faculty advisers to plan the service and through their actions honored Dr. Woodall's belief in involving LWIT students at every turn. 


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Messages of Condolence

@LWITech Our thoughts are with you and all the family and students at LWITech.

@LowerCC Very sorry to hear of the passing of ‪@LWITech Pres Dr. David Woodall. Sympathies extended to campus community.

@GreenRiverCC Thoughts go out from the ‪@GreenRiverCC college family to the ‪@LWITech college family with the loss of President Dr. Woodall over the weekend

@BatesTechnical Our hearts go out to the ‪@LWITech community. President Dr. Woodall will be missed.

@CascadiaCC Our hearts go out to our neighbors, friends, and colleagues at ‪@LWITech.

Tara Wend-Barbour Prayers and blessings for everyone that has been touched by Dr. David Woodall. He will be missed deeply.

Kobus Mans A sad day, RIP College President Dr. David Woodall.

Sharon Ann Clark Condolences to his family. I will miss seeing him around the campus and at events.

Larry Owens Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues.

Julie Polley godbless him and his family.

Cassandra York This is terrible news!! I remember meeting him and he was a very kind man...So sorry for the loss!!

Jenifer Larsen Lewis My heart goes out to his family.

Ryan Brusse My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Matthew Boguske My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Sandy Clifton We are so sorry to hear this! Please pass our condolences on to his family, and to the LWIT staff.

Soheyla Rezvani I am so sorry, he was a nice person.God bless him.

Dave Mempa He always smiled when I would pass him while running my work study errands. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Denise Cannon Condolences to his family and friends. What a terrible loss.

Sue Bragg Our condolences to his family, and the staff at LWIT.

Zainab Azad Zafar ‎:( sad to get this news, May god help his family.

Carolyn Brown Pierce So sad to hear of the loss of such a kind man. My condolences to his family, friends, and the staff at LWIT.

Glenda Manthie My condolences to his family, friends, and the staff at LWIT. Such a great man taken to early. I would pass him in the hall at school, he would always smile and say hello. I will cherrish my grad pic shaking his hand. God bless.

Heather Green "I was very shocked when I came into the school on wednesday and saw the TV Screen announcing his passing. I have spoken with him a few times and he was always a very pleasant man with a constant smile on his face. He will be missed at LWIT. My condolences to his family, friends, fellow staff at LWIT and the students who knew him."

@RentonTech Our thoughts are with our colleagues & friends at @LWITech upon the sudden death of their college president, David Woodall, on Monday.

Fred Hume, Data I/O I'm so sorry. I liked Dr. Woodall very much.  Despite the obvious depth of knowledge and experience he seemed to listen and then act. He had so much promise for LWIT and will be very hard to replace.  I'm very sorry for your loss, the family's loss and the loss for the whole community.

Rep. Larry Seaquist What a loss!  My condolences to his family and to the entire Lake Washington community.

Renee Sinclair, Apple Inc. That is just heartbreaking. Such sad news.

Sen. Margarita Prentice Such a great loss for everyone.

James Whitfield, President
, Leadership Eastside  My prayers are with the entire LWIT family.

Sen. Rodney Tom So sorry to hear this.  My thoughts are with you and your colleagues. 

Tom Ranken, Washington Clean Tech Alliance Such sad news. Sorry to hear it.

Rick Cordray, Tri-Tec Manufacturing This is very sad news.  Please pass along additional information about services when it is available.  Thank you.

Rep. Susan Fagan Very sad and unfortunate for Lake Washington.

Tom Malone, TACTC  

I am attending the Retreat for TACTC Directors and we are all in shock here. I worked with David at several of our college events, and liked him very much. I thought he was very bright and innovative. We are all feeling a great sense of loss here.

Bob Malte, CEO Evergreen Health On behalf of everyone at EvergreenHealth, we are shocked and saddened by the news of David's passing. Having just talked with him last Thursday at Rotary, and just prior that with him and his senior team about ways in which Evergreen and LWIT could work together, I am at a loss to express the sadness I feel for us and for our community. David had a special skill at bringing people together around a common sense of purpose... I know that gift will continue. We will mourn his loss, and celebrate his life, with you.

David Carbon, The Boeing Company  This is devastating news. Please pass on our condolences to his family.

Charlie Earl, Executive Director (retired) SBCTC So very sorry to learn of David's sudden death for his family and all of you at LWIT. I liked him a lot and was impressed with his knowledge and style. The best to (the college) as you respond to this most unfortunate tragedy. Take care.

Marty Brown, Executive Director, SBCTC  This is truly sad news. Please know the staff at the State Board sends its condolences to the President's family and the Lake Washington family. If there is anything you need from us do not hesitate to ask.

Van Chesnutt, Means To An End  I just learned of the passing of Dr. Woodall.  You and the college staff have my deepest condolences.

Cynthia Hebert, Hebert Research  I was so sorry to hear of the passing of the President of LWIT.  My heart goes out to you and all your colleagues at the institute.

Elise Erickson I just saw the obituary for Dr. Woodall in today's paper. I was shocked and saddened to read it. Everyone must be in complete shock at the college. Although I only met him the one time we discussed changing graduation requirements for associate degree students, I was very impressed with him. My deepest sympathies are with you and everyone at the college.

Ellen Miller-Wolf, City of Kirkland  Dr. Woodall was a quiet visionary and also tenacious about implementing his ideas. I hope you can take comfort in the reality that many in the community came away with newfound enthusiasm and support for LWIT's mission and will continue to work toward fulfillment of Dr. Woodall's dreams.

Terrie Battuello, City of Bothell We read about Dr. Woodall in the press. So sorry to hear this tragic news.  Our deepest condolences. He was such an inspiration.

Chinese Consulate in San Francisco  We are shocked by the news about President David Woodall's passing away. We are so sorry for the great loss.

Tim Douglas, President TACTC It was with great regret that we received word of David Woodall's passing while we were at the TACTC Retreat in Sea-Tac. Dave had just recently responded to my request for information about how your college is proceeding with its student achievement initiative. Predictably, he responded quickly and with very helpful information. My visit to your recent Trustee meeting underscored for me the teamwork, depth of commitment and clear sense of mission that exemplifies Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Trustees across our state share your profound sense of loss.  Please extend to Carol and her family our deepest sympathies. 

Richard Cummins, President, Columbia Basin College  I am shocked to hear about David's sudden death. He joined the WACTC group's Strategic Visioning Committee this year, and I was really looking forward to working closely with him because he was so bright and innovative and teeming with ideas.  He was also just an incredibly likeable and kind man. Beyond LWIT, we will deeply miss his contributions and presence in this state. My heart goes out to his wife and the rest of his family.  My best also to the LWIT faculty and staff as they deal with this tragic loss. 

Donna Hansen  Prayers of comfort and peace to President Woodall's family, friends, colleagues and students at LWIT.

Kathy Goebel, State Board for Community & Technical Colleges My condolences to the entire Lake Washington family. I know the loss of David Woodall is impacting all of you. I got to know David as the State Board staffer to the 5 Star Consortium. I liked him very much. He was such a centered person and very easy to talk with. He was thoughtful and smart. You are in my thoughts.

Peter Huff  My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Woodall's family, friends, coworkers, and students. In the past year I was fortunate to collaborate with David on a few projects at LWIT, and even shared stories over lunch (numerous times) in the restaurant on campus. His passion for student success reverberated throughout the college, and he genuinely sought to improve the student experience at LWIT. I heard a quote one time that states "people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime", and even though he was in my life for a season, I will remember him for a lifetime.

Connie Miller, Connie Miller Communication Consultant & Speech Coach  After the truly terrible news that I am still wrestling with - shocked of course at the fact, and also shocked by the surprising depth of my feelings for Dave and the feeling of loss of opportunity to know him more than I did - I wanted to let you know just how appreciative I am for the opportunity you gave me to work with him.

As I get older and find my friends falling apart or leaving all together, I find myself taking more time with friends and colleagues and my clients as well - appreciating their unique gifts and idiosyncratic behaviors - their unique and authentic expressions.  Dave was a very kind, bright and loving person and a quick learner as a coaching client. He was passionate about his vision and dutiful in the best sense of the word towards his constituencies.  I shall miss him a great deal.

Curtis Genstler, EKOS Corporation  It was a very sad day when I received the initial notice from you regarding the passing of Dr. Woodall. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get a little bit acquainted with Dr. Woodall. He had such a great vision for the school.  He really cared about giving the students the best education possible so they could take advantage of the opportunities in our economy.  He will be greatly missed. My prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time.

Professor Emeritus James Tulenko, Director, Florida Laboratory for Development of Advanced Nuclear Fuels and Materials, University of Florida   David was a dear friend and will be greatly missed.  We have shared many times together with the Accrediation Board for Engineering and Technology. Dave was so excited by the opportunities that were present with Lake Washington Institute of Technology.  We have all lost a dear friend.

Patricia McKeown, Ed.D., President, Bellingham Technical College  Dr. David Woodall was a visionary regarding LWIT. Deep condolences from Bellingham Technical College to the entire community.

Dr. Shirley Metcalf  Dr. Woodall was a very kind person who was very proud of his family and especially his granddaughter, Sophia. I remember that once, he bought over 20 boxes of Girl Scout cookies and always supported her activities."

Carol and Joe Sarsenski   Our sincerest sympathies to Carol and the family. Dave was a trusted colleague and a very good friend.

Lulani M. Tomaszewski   Dr. Woodall was a visionary man. Pioneering steady dedicated efforts; it is advancing surely one step at a time. A genuine leader who set time aside to meet with students, staff, and administrators in the cafeteria, listening intently to their stories and concerns. Giving personal encouragement and deepening the understanding of individuals he came into contact with. He had an unshakable character filled with depth and determination forging forward courageously like a lion's roar that LWIT is the college of choice. There is no other way!

Bronson J. Carter  I'm extremely sad and shocked to find out about Dr. Woodall's passing. I was at Lake Washington Technical College when he arrived and I was in the Student Government. From day 1, Dr. Woodall was on board with us and worked to help us achieve our goals. He was a friendly man and very open to our opinions. He valued the voice of the students. I enjoyed his work ethic and the aggressive approach he took with making change at our college. Dr. Woodall brought a positive attitude and willingness to make us better. I truly didn't expect to read about his passing when I visited the school's site, but I want to say that my prayers go out to his friends and family and God must have been ready for his child. My condolences go out to you all.