Pax PrimeLWTech's Multimedia Design and Production team will deliver six games to PAX Prime in Seattle. The teams worked for six months from concept to design to artwork to fabrication.

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PAX Prime - Seattle
August 29 - September 1, 2014
Washington State Convention Center

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Brett @ MMDP

MMDP student Brett Melnrick talks about
his experience at PAX

Game Play

Take a ride on one of LWTech's games

LWTech was only one of three colleges at PAXPrime 2014 in Seattle Aug. 29-Sept. 1. Students produced six games and had a booth on the sixth "Indy" floor right across from Microsoft Studios' Age of Empires booth. Hundreds of people came by and tried out the games. The most popular included NCRacing which uses Oculus Rift technology to put you inside a racing game, Skies of Valor, a blended arcade game/Augmented Reality and Battle Rampage, a new twist on Microsoft Kinect Technology. Microsoft was so impressed, they sent their engineers over to learn more!

MMDP-produced games at PAX

Taco Cat: The Game 2


Inspired by: an assignment in a character concept class requiring the combination of a food, an animal and a profession spurred the creation of TacoCat who has gone through an evolution of different mediums including Oculus VR, short films and now a mobile tablet game.

Game Designer/Programmer: Cody Takayoshi

Modeler/Animator: Chris Wilson

Artist/Modeler: Brett Melnrick

Artist: Ethan Zier

YouTube Sneak Peak:


Shooter Thing2

ST2 is a throwback with its pixelated art and seemingly simple gameplay.  With a plethora of weapons and ships to choose from, players are encouraged to find a load out that best suits their playing style.

Game Designer/Programmer: Brennan Vigil

Inspired By: Touhou, Galaga, Raiden and other top-down shooters


NDR Racing

NDR Racing is a project aimed at creating a fun, uncomplicated SciFi racing experience developed primarily with the Oculus Rift in mind. The project is for every boy and girl out there that wanted to race speeder bike through the forests and urban jungles.

Inspired By: Ridge Racer, Star Wars Pod Racing

Game Designer/Programmer: Max Beckman

DR Racing Blog:


Battle Rampage

A multi-platform tower defense game pitting aliens against robots, Battle Rampage utilizes Kinect motion capture and projection technologies, creating a unique, augmented reality experience.

Game Designer/Programmer: Arnaud Toledo & Jon Lopez

Artists: Eli Aldinger, Stephen Bango, Gary Elder, Daniell Halsdell

Producer: Eric Liggins

Technologies used: AndEngine, Slick2D, Eclipse and Java

Trading Cards: Collectible trading cards will be given away at Booth 6708 while supplies last.

Mobile Download: Try the free mobile download

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In a dark and scary world, a lowly maintenance worker must find his way through his city to turn the lights back on.  Armed with nothing but a few flares and his wits, he must traverse buildings, avoid monsters, overcome obstacles and find the switches that will bring back light and send the monsters back to their hiding places.

Every session features a unique cityscape that is randomly generated so gameplay never gets stale.

Game Designer/Programmer/Artist/Modeler/Animator: Chris Wilson

Technologies used: Maya 3D, Photoshop, GIMP, 3D Coat, Audacity, Unity and Playmaker, and Garageband

Underground Blog:

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Skies of Valor

Combining an old-fashioned Pepper's ghost illusion with cutting edge 3D technology. Players will enjoy an entirely unique experience as they guide their computer-generated dragons around real life objects to engage in a jousting competition like no other.

Game Designer/Programmer: Emily Early-Griffith

Game Designer/Programmer: Brian "Max" Goff

Artist/Animator: Ashley Bevens

Artist: Ciara Peckham

Artist/Modeler: Tara Guildehaus

Skies of Valor Blog:

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