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November  12, 2014
Bright Futures Breakfast raises $100,000 for students
The annual Foundation benefit breakfast brought in more than $100,000 in donations to support scholarships and program equipment.

September  22, 2014
Trustees award $500 gift to outstanding, inspirational student
The story of a recent LWTech graduate was so compelling, the LWTech Board of Trustees moved to create a new award associated with the statewide Transforming Lives Award.

August  11, 2014
President Morrison Goings returns to the White House
LWTech President Dr. Amy Morrison Goings will return to the White House on Tuesday, Aug. 12 to be a part of a new national approach to college education.

August  5, 2014
Redmond Campus hosts open house for students and local business
LWTech will hold an open house at the Redmond Campus on Aug. 13 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. to introduce students to Redmond Campus classes and local business to Redmond Campus partnership possibilities.

August  4, 2014
Funeral Services program showcased for new "Mummies" show
An international film crew is coming to LWTech's funeral service lab on August 6 to complete interviews for "Mummies Alive!," a new international television series scheduled to debut in 2015.

June  27, 2014
Our Very Excellent Week
LWTech had an excellent week by any standard. More than 400 students graduated in a variety of fields, an engineering team beat the odds and placed well at an international competition and the college's I-BEST program was profiled in a story about what colleges are doing right.

June  10, 2014
Senior Students Enter College-Style "Shark Tank"
LWTech MMDP students enter the "Shark Tank" this week as they prepare to present their final two-year projects to a panel of industry experts for review on June 13.

June  10, 2014
BAM and LWTech present Intelligence Made Visible
The Bellevue Arts Museum Lake Washington Institute of Technology present a visual and varied showcase of multimedia and multi-dimensional design from June 20-22.