BTAD students 2nd at design competition

August  11, 2011

ASEE award

On June 28th, 2011 two groups of students from the Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design (BTAD) program at Lake Washington Technical College entered a design competition in Vancouver, BC. The BTAD program brings together students who hold applied associate degrees from various design disciplines, including industrial, architectural, and graphic design, to earn a bachelor degree while refining their design and management skills. As a spring term class project, the students created concepts, refined them, produced working prototypes and supporting presentation materials, then sent the two top teams to the competition. They were led by faculty member Pablo Wenceslao, a designer working in an architectural firm, and graduate of the University of Florida and MIT.

The competition was hosted by the American Society for Engineering Educators (ASEE) and co-chaired by Dr. Wayne Hung of Texas A&M University and Dr. Ye Li of Bradley University. Teams were asked to design a hand-assisting device for individuals with leprosy. One of the teams from Lake Washington Technical College received second place in the competition, finishing ahead of teams from University of Cincinnati, Texas A&M, and Calvin College. LWTC's second place team, comprised of Jennifer Abbarno, Randy Howard, Jordan Brown and Oleg Vakulchik, received an elegant trophy, cash prize of $500 dollars, books and software. Judges were very impressed with the design of the device as it related to ergonomics, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Both teams that attended the competition did very well and LWTC is proud to be so well-represented on an international stage.

"Pablo brings design expertise and cutting-edge thinking from his experience at MIT's Media Lab. The BTAD industrial design and graphic design students collaborated to create a functional design and strong supporting presentation materials. A key program goal is to bring together designers from different disciplines to work together, much as they will in the workplace," says Nancy Dick, Dean of Applied Design Programs. "We look forward to another successful entry next year."

Competition details can be found at:

 Top photo, left to right: Esmaeil Goltapeh, Oleg Vakulchik, Jennifer Abbarno, Monica Vorng
Middle photo: X-hand design prototypes
Bottom photo: Oleg Vakulchik, Jennifer Abbarno, Dr. Wayne Hung


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