LWIT Students Complete Bus Shelter Art for Campus Bus Stops

September  10, 2012

Next time you pull into the main campus entrance, take a moment to look at the bus shelters on both sides of 132nd Avenue Northeast. They're a little more colorful than they were last year, and if you look close enough, they'll tell you a story.

Working in partnership with Metro's Bus Shelter Mural Program, LWIT students in Sarah Dillon Gilmartin's 2D Design and Color Theory classes conceived, refined, and painted the panels over the course of several quarters. Each bus shelter's panels share a story that integrates education, careers and community.

The art on the campus side of the street is titled Sprouting Pathways. The story starts with geometric, industrial shapes that represent the college, flowing into colorful organic forms representing the outside world that interacts with students after their education. The road that flows through the work continues through the organic shapes until it forms back into the geometric shapes, creating a full circle.

The sister mural across the street is titled The River and the Road. The student team that produced this artwork wanted it to speak to all members of the local community, showing how we are connected by our achievements.

"Many things we achieve in life start with education, therein lies the parallel between education and community," the team wrote in their class PowerPoint presentation. "It all comes full circle. Strength in community can inspire achievement through education."

Metro installed the murals during the summer.

Casey Kisch and Charlene "Charlie" Pilgrim

Zofia Mravcova

Charlene "Charlie" Pilgrim, Casey Kisch, Torrance Kindred

Zofia Mravcova and Joseph Larson Elliot Wires and Charlene "Charlie" Pilgrim

Sprouting Pathways

The River and the Road