Electronics Lab Grand Opening

October  8, 2009

Grand Opening of Multi-Million Dollar Electronics Labs

LWTC is holding an official grand opening for its newly renovated and upgraded electronics instructional labs.

Electronics Labs Grand Opening
November 12
3-6 p.m.
LWTC East Building

These new labs will feature millions of dollars worth of the very latest electronics instructional equipment and software, including robots and advanced computer workstations. LWTC will be the only two-year college in the Pacific Northwest that will have this type of high-level equipment and software available for its students.

As part of a novel partnership with LWTC, this electronics equipment and software was donated by two leading electronics companies:

  • The ED Co., LTD, a worldwide electronics company based in Seoul, Korea, donated six different types of electronics instructional equipment, including robotics and fluid mechatronics.
  • Mentor Graphics, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, donated 12 high-end Hewlett-Packard computer workstations, a dedicated server and license agreement for LWTC students to use its Expedition Design Flow software, one of the most advanced and powerful enterprise electronics software available today.

These two partnerships are a model program for training students for a global workforce and for integrating education and industry.

The grand opening will be attended by business, education, community and government leaders from throughout the state and from Korea.

This grand opening is open to current and former LWTC Electronics program students, as well as to any students interested in enrolling in the program.

For more information, visit the LWTC Electronics program.