Foundation presents EFE Awards

May  10, 2011

Every year, Lake Washington Technical College faculty have the opportunity to apply for Exceptional Faculty Endowment Awards (EFE) sponsored by the Lake Washington College Foundation. These awards are intended to be used by the recipients for in-service training, including travel, tuition, books, and professional development classes. The fund was established by the college and is maintained by the foundation.

The 2011 EFE Award Committee included Sunny Burns, Mike Potter, Ron McKinney, Nolan Koreski, and Mark Waddington. They reviewed 10 applications and recommended fulfillment of nine applications to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Executive Committee reviewed the recommendation and voted to approve all nine requests. The result is awards amounting to $14,473 for faculty professional development.

"On behalf of the foundation, let me offer our heartfelt congratulations to each of the recipients," said Anne Hamilton, foundation president. "We thank you for your stellar service to LWTC, and your continuing efforts to bring the best education to our students. We really appreciate the difference you make in every student you touch!"

Foundation Exceptional Faculty Endowment Requests




Award Amount

Pat McPherson

Early Learning Center

Washington Campus Children's Center Coalition Spring Conference at Pacific Beach Conference Center.


Mihaela Cosma

General Education/ESL

COABE 2011 Conference in San Francisco, CA.


Robert Mandy

Engineering Graphics

American Institute of Architects National Conference in New Orleans, LA.


Jun Ho

Civil Engineering Graphics

2012 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC.


Scott Acton

Engineering Graphics

Complete Bachelor's degree in Technical Education at South Seattle Community College.


Maureen Stockmann

Culinary Arts

Membership fees for American Culinary Federation & Certification Class.


Maureen Stockmann

Culinary Arts

Professional Development for Eductors in Hyde Park, NY


Michael Richmond

Automotive Repair

Supply Chain Management seminar at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.


Stacie Chappell

Multimedia Design & Production

Attendance at 2011 ED-Media Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.