LWTech and Cascade Water Alliance Create Unique Irrigation Conservation Program

April  21, 2014

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Kirkland, Wash.: To give students a basic understanding of sprinkler systems as they pursue their careers in horticulture, Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) is partnering with Cascade water Alliance to deliver five training sessions on irrigation systems for the college's Environmental Horticultural program.

"Water utilities sometimes struggle to meet the high water use in the summertime due to the increased demands from sprinkler systems," said Mike Brent, Cascade Water Resources Manager. "If sprinkler systems are better designed and maintained, they use less water, and that benefits everyone."

The training is a mixture of lecture and hands-on activities. Topics include water conservation, drip irrigation, system design and installation, and system evaluation and maintenance.

"This is an example of how faculty at Lake Washington Institute of Technology embrace emerging technology or techniques in their fields of study," LWTech President Dr. Amy Morrison Goings said. "Water rights and water use by businesses and the farming community are important issues. This program uses a best practices approach that satisfies the needs of businesses while conserving water, something that gives our students an edge when competing for jobs."

Cascade Water Alliance is a collaboration between the cities of Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Redmond and Tukwila, and the Water and Sewer Districts of Sammamish Plateau and Skyway. The group serves more than 350,000 residents and 20,000 businesses each day. Wise water use is part of Cascade's water supply planning.

"Lake Washington Institute of Technology is committed to building relationships with business and community leaders, and this innovative new program is only one example of how these relationships create a public good while meeting the needs of our students," Dr. Morrison Goings said.

Cascade plans to continue the relationship with LWTech, and is currently planning a field trip with students over the summer to teach them how to perform an irrigation audit.

"Cascade appreciates the willingness of Environmental Horticulture program instructors Don Marshall and Chris Smith to partner with Cascade on this project," said Brent.

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