Parking Alert - Fall Quarter

September  15, 2009



Based on the current enrollment outlook, parking at the Kirkland Campus may be difficult during peak hours (normally 8:00AM to 2:00PM). As a result, we are strongly encouraging the following for all students, faculty, and staff:

  • Carpool if possible
  • Take the bus
  • Allow ample time to find parking

We encourage you to utilize the closest Metro Park & Ride located at Kingsgate with bus service to the College on service route #238. Below is the link to the Metro site with directions and the route #238 schedule:

Kingsgate Park & Ride

13001 116th Way NE

Kirkland, WA

With the start of the quarter, it is important to remind drivers to obey the following parking rules:

  • Park in designated parking areas only
  • Do not park in Handicapped Parking areas without a valid permit
  • Do not park in visitor parking
  • Do not park in any area not designated for parking or marked no parking
  • Do not park in a fire lane or adjacent to a fire hydrant
  • Do not park in areas designated as loading zones
  • Do not park so as to block or obstruct traffic or occupy more than one parking space
  • Do not park in the front of the Early Learning Center in areas designated for parent drop off and pick up only

The first two weeks of the Fall Quarter will be a "leniency" period with the exception of Handicapped Parking violators and parking in a fire lane. Repeated violations of parking rules may result in further enforcement.

In addition, due to the start of construction for the new Allied Health Building, in order to get to the South and West parking lots on campus you will have to enter campus off 132nd, to the East of campus. To get to the North lot and the lot adjacent to the Tech Building, you will have to enter campus off 120th Street, to the North of campus. A portion of the access road through the campus will be closed during the construction of the Allied Health Building and there will no longer be a way to get from one side of campus to the other internally.