J1 Scholars Visit Campus

March  4, 2011

Welcome new J1 Visiting Scholars!

J1 Scholars Park and Kwak

(Pictured above from left to right:
Mrs. and Professor Park, Dr. Sunny Burns, LWTC's Vice President of Instruction,
Professor Kwak, and LWTC President Woodall)

Professor Park is from Jeju National University in Korea. He teaches drawing, painting and printmaking. His research plan is to examine current art trends in the United States and find material and insights to incorporate into his work at Jeju.

Professor Kwak is a technology instructor at Hannam University in Korea. She will be doing research on 3D IVR (Intermediate View Reconstruction) and plans to create her own algorithm. She has great interest in learning about the MMDP and computer programs at LWTC.

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