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Feed Your Passion

Ian worked in a shipyard with engineers. "The more I dealt with them, the more I became interested in what they were doing." So Ian enrolled in LWTECH's Engineering Technology program and is well on his way to earning his degree. " This program is designed to take an ordinary person and turn them into an extraordinary employee."



"Old College Hand" Likes What She Sees

Kitty has a Bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and calls herself an "old hand" at the college experience. Enrolled in LWIT's Massage Practitioner program, she marvels at the support system in place for LWTECH students. "You get almost one-on-one instruction, which is very special. I very strongly recommend this program."



Anyone Can Benefit

Shanae graduated with a degree in LWIT's Massage Practitioner program and at age 19 has a career. "I was surprised by the different programs offered at LWTECH. The instructors teach you how to be a professional."


Bo Dukes

Use your GI Benefits

Bo is a 20-year veteran of the United States armed forces. He has taken advantage of his GI benefits to enroll in LWIT's Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer program with the ultimate goal of becoming a Physical Education instructor. Learn more about benefits available to veterans enrolled at LWIT. 



Big Classes Not for You?

MacKenzie realized big classes weren't for her. "At LWTECH everything is really easy to navigate and the people are so friendly." She's enrolled in the Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer program. "My instructor always says, 'it's about what you are learning.' (LWTECH) provides a really good opportunity to get hands-on experience."



Reach Your Goals, Fulfill Your Dreams

Rami entered LWTECH to finish high school and study welding. He realized his passion was movement so he enrolled in the Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer program. He now is an ACMS Certified Personal Trainer and owns his own business. See how LWTECH can help your reach your goals.



We're Here to Help

Continue your education, learn a new skill, or train for a whole new career. At Lake Washington Insitute of Technology, our instructors are experts in their fields, our class schedules are convient, and our classes are hands-on. So why wait?


Brian Peterson

Multimedia Design Program

For Brian, "Games are AWESOME! They're the best way to convey any kind of story you're trying to tell." Students enrolled in Lake Washington Institute of Technology's Multimedia Design & Production program learn from instructors who have actually designed and published games. So, if you're interested in story-telling ...



Update Your Office Skills

Even though Linda had worked in an office for 25 years, she found her skills lacking. Now enrolled in the Business Administration Support program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, she gets hands-on training using the latest software packages, as well as training in customer service and office techniques. See how our instructors can help you get ahead.



More Fun Than Playing Video Games

What's more fun than playing video games? How about designing them. That's true for Sarah who is enrolled in the Digital Gaming and Media program as part of the Multimedia Design & Production program. "It's a great program with great teachers teaching in a great environment." If you have a passion for game design and want to learn from instructors in the industry, check out MMDP. 


Kirkland Campus

Ready for a change?

Lake Washington Institute of Technology can get you started on the right pathway. Continue your education, learn a new skill, or train for a whole new career. From manufacturing to engineering, health care to IT, culinary arts and more. We're here for you.

Aerospace is Booming

Do you like to make things? Have a creative side? The aerospace industry is booming. Instructor Mike Clifton explains how graduates of LWIT's Machine Technology program develop the in-demand skills desired by employers through hands-on learning. Do you like to make things? Have a creative side? Then the Machine Technology program is for you.

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Steve Ater

Are You Creative?

Are you a creative person? Have an AAS degree in a technical program? LWIT's Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design (BTAD) is a very diverse "one-room schoolhouse" that specialized in design thinking. Learning how to surf the chaos, manage complexity, and become a better thinker and leader.

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Run With It

Get up in the morning and do what you love. Graduates of LWIT's Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer Program leave with the confidence to succeed. The hands-on, practical training is true to life. Share your passion.

Randi Cloud

One of a Kind

Did you know that LWIT hosts Washington State's only accredited Funeral Service Education program? Housed in our state of the art Allied Health Building, opened in September 2011, the program prepares students to be a part of the human experience while giving back to their community.


Can You Please Train Me?

Want to wear yoga pants and tennis shoes to work? LWIT's Fitness Specialist/Personal Trainer program includes small classes and instructors with real world experience.  Students are encouraged to explore their own niche, be it Parkour, yoga, or ballroom dancing. If you have a passion for help people. Do it.


Get the Training You Need

Candys was a great painter, but she had no formal business training. After five years her business closed because of her inexperience. Now she's at LWIT studying in the Business Administration Support program. To succeed in life you really need to invest in yourself. Turn your life around with the skills necessary for success. 


Take That Big Step

For Francisco going to college was a big step, "college is not easy, but it's made me feel more secure." He credits the hands-on approach provided by the teachers in LWIT's Auto Collision Repair program with helping him reach his dream job - working on some of the hottest cars in the industry. Take that first step and check out LWIT. You never know where it will lead.


Take Your Life in a New Direction

Mike was a software engineer who returned to college by enrolled in LWIT's Electronics Technology program. There he found instructors who were practicing professionals with real-life success in their fields. "They're not just teaching how electrons behave they're teaching you how to take that knowledge and succeed in life. I'm a really big fan."

Jeff Gramling

Enjoy the outdoors? Enjoy working with your hands?

Combine both by enrolling in our Environmental Horticulture program. Environmental Horticulture is looking at plants as more than just objects; it's viewing them as living organisms. So if you love the outdoors, love plants and enjoy working with your hands, dig in and get started.

Randi Cloud

Be a Part of the Human Experience

Do you have what it takes to comfort a family dealing with the loss of a loved one? The Funeral Service Education program prepares students to work in the funeral industry. Study in brand new state-of-the-art facilities and prepare to be part of the human experience.

Lainey Carlson

Think You're Too Old for High School?

The Gateway to College Program provides hands-on training for students too old for high school and under the age of 21 without the drama of a regular high school. Push yourself past what you think you can attain. Tuition is free for those who qualify.