Cloud Genius Certification

Overview of cloud certificate offerings:

CG-101: Certificate on Cloud Technologies:

Assess the technologies used in the cloud computing. Get hands on training using the latest tools (command line, browser based & IDE based). The class will give you a solid foundation in managing cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace & HP OpenStack.

 CG-102: Certificate on Cloud/DevOps: Automating Cloud Infrastructure:  

Learn modern DevOps best practices using vagrant, chef (knife, cookbooks and recipes), docker as well as virtualization software. Manage an entire data center like you manage code without touching the metal.

CG-103: Certificate on Cloud Architecture/Design:

Learn how  to design and scale cloud infrastructure to align with business need. Learn to build fault tolerant systems, address application performance scaling and meeting structured & unstructured storage requirements. Complete case studies that assess business readiness for migration to the cloud while meeting continuity/disaster recovery requirements.

CG-A2Z: Custom Training for Businesses:

Our custom tailor made courses help businesses focus their employees on the business challenges at hand.

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