Canvas Status and Login Instructions

Current Canvas Status - Normal

Check the Canvas Status Page for previous status updates.

Canvas Login Instructions

Canvas works best in Firefox and Chrome. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer with Canvas. You can find the browser requirements at the Canvas Help Center.

  1. Point your Browser to

  2. Instructors and staff: User ID is your full email address and password is your SID number. 

  3. Students: User ID is your SID number and password is the first 6 letters of your last name, all in lowercase. If you don't have 6 letters in your last name, repeat the letters from the beginning until you get to 6. (Lu = lululu, Smith = smiths) If you have hypens or other punctuation in your last name, ignore those characters and only use the letters. (De'Leon = deleon, Kim-Thompson = kimtho)


  • Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure you don't have the caps lock on when you type your password.

  • On mobile devices, you will not see the Lake Washington specific logo and instructions. The Canvas instructions advise you to use email as login. This is incorrect for students. Students should still use their SID as user ID on mobile devices.

  • If you use the 'Don't know my password' link to reset your password, make sure you enter your email address and check that email account for instructions.

  • If you are unable to login or reset your password, email and include your email address and SID.

  • Not all instructors use Canvas. If you are a student and do not see your courses listed, please check with your instructor to make sure they are using Canvas. 

  • Reset Canvas Password: this link to the student Canvas Guide demonstrates how to reset your current password. 

  • What is the Canvas Dashboard: this link explains the dashboard navigation layout in Canvas.

  • The Top Navigation Menu: this link explains the top navigation menu, also known as the Global Navigation Menu.