Faculty and Staff

Welcome to eLearning at Lake Washington Institute of Technology!  This page answers some of the most common questions we get from instructors. For more information, please email elearning@lwtech.edu.

What LMS do you use?

We use Canvas and automatically create course shells each quarter for all college courses.  About 50% of our courses use Canvas in some way.  Instructors use Canvas to post course materials, communicate with students, schedule assignments and accept online submissions, conduct quizzes, and post grades.  Each instructor decides whether to use Canvas. Check with your department to see if there are specific requirements for your program or courses.

How do I get a Canvas account?

If you are a new instructor or employee at LWTech and would like a Canvas account, please email elearning@lwtech.edu with your full @lwtech.edu email address and your employee identification number.  Every course at LWTech has a Canvas Quarterly Shell automatically created about one month prior to the quarter start. Students are enrolled in the Quarterly Shells about one week prior to the quarter start. Faculty and Staff can also manually create courses that can be used for community and project space. Once we create your account, you will have access to any courses where you are officially enrolled as an instructor or student.

How do I access Canvas?

Canvas works best in Firefox and Chrome. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer with Canvas.

  • Point your Browser to http://lwtech.instructure.com.

  • Instructors and staff: User ID is your full @lwtech.edu email address and password is your SID number.

  • Students: User ID is their SID number and password is the first 6 letters of their last name. If they don't have 6 letters in their last name, repeat the letters from the beginning until they get to 6. (Lu = lululu, Smith = smiths)

How do I learn Canvas?

We strongly recommend you attend face-to-face or online Canvas training prior to using it with students. Even if you have used other learning platforms, it's important to learn the features that are different in Canvas.


We hold several training sessions throughout the quarter. Please check the calendar at http://elearning.lwtech.edu. You can also schedule an individual Canvas Quick Start consultation, by emailing elearning@lwtech.edu. We're more than happy to meet with you one-on-one and customize training to suit your needs.  This has worked very well with our instructors, and it helps us better meet your needs as we learn more about you and your teaching practice.


Instructors and staff can take and revisit our self-paced online Canvas Orientation at https://lwtech.instructure.com/courses/973340 at any time during the quarter.  Canvas software is updated frequently, and we update the orientation course as needed.

How do students learn Canvas?

Instructors who use Canvas should demonstrate their course to students at the beginning of the quarter. You can give them a tour in your face-to-face class, or record a virtual tour using a tool like Jing. Students can also take the online Canvas Student Orientation at https://lwtech.instructure.com/courses/825671 without even logging in. Please share the link with your students. It is also available from the Help menu in Canvas and from a link at the bottom of every Canvas screen. Students who need additional support can stop by the eLearning office in E225 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

How do I get Canvas support?

  • There is a Help link at the top right corner of every Canvas screen. If you are experiencing an issue within Canvas, please click the Help link and use the Report a Problem link to report the issue. Please do this on the page where you are experiencing the problem, so we can quickly locate the issue. It is very important to report issues so we can determine if there is a problem that might affect other users.

  • For Canvas 'how-to' questions, please search the Canvas Guides at http://guides.instructure.com/  or the Canvas Community at http://help.instructure.com/forums#recent

  • For general eLearning questions, please email us at elearning@lwtech.edu.  We also help students and instructors by appointment and walk-in at our office in E225 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

How do I get access to my quarterly Canvas shells?

Quarterly course shells are created automatically about one month before the quarter starts. If you are able to log into Canvas but don't see the courses you're teaching, please try the following:

  • Make sure your courses are listed in Instructor Briefcase. If you don't see them listed, check with your department to make sure you are listed as the lead instructor in SMS.

  • Only the lead instructor is automatically added to the course. Lead instructors who are co-teaching have access to add additional instructors by inviting them from the People page in the course.  If the instructor is changed, Canvas will add the new instructor, but the old one will not be removed. You can contact us at elearning@lwtech.edu if you need help removing an instructor who will not be teaching the course.

  • If you see your courses in Instructor Briefcase and you still can't find them in Canvas, please email eLearning at eLearning@lwtech.edu and include the four digit item numbers of the courses in question.

What other services are offered by the eLearning department?

  • eLearning Software Training and Support - Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, Panopto presentation recording, Respondus quiz generator, Camtasia (limited licenses), social media tools.

  • eLearning Equipment Checkout - Headsets with microphones, Wacom graphic recording tablets, tablet styli, webcams, iPads, Android tablets, Snowball mics.

  • eLearning Lab - Instructors are welcome to use the computers in E225 to work on their eLearning courses between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday - Friday as long as the room is not scheduled for other events. Please check the calendar at http://elearning.lwtech.edu to make sure the lab is not booked before you arrive. The computers are reserved for instructors and are not available for student use.  If you anticipate needing more than 15 minutes of personal assistance, please email elearning@lwtech.edu to schedule an appointment with one of our Instructional Technologists.

  • Instructional Design Consultation - We help many instructors revise their courses to incorporate online tools for instruction and student activities. We're happy to take a look at your course and consult with you to design an effective implementation strategy. Please email elearning@lwtech.edu to schedule a consultation.

How can I learn more about eLearning?

Visit the eLearning Faculty Resource Center Canvas course to find resources on Canvas, instructional design, pedagogy, open educational resources, and more. The site is updated frequently as we gather more resources.