Getting Started

LWTech  offers both credit and non-credit eLearning courses. Credit courses require college enrollment.  For non-credit online courses, please visit the non-credit Distance Learning page.

How do I sign up for an eLearning course?

The quarterly schedule identifies eLearning courses by the section number code next to the item number code. Check out the key to learn how to read the schedule codes.

LWTech Online courses (L1, L2, L21, L22) are held entirely online with no face-to-face classroom time.  Online courses require the same amount of work as campus courses.  They include scheduled assignments and exams. Some online courses require students to meet online in web conferences at scheduled times. 

LWTech Hybrid courses (H1, H21) use online technologies to replace some (not all) face-to-face class time. The blend can be flexible. Some hybrid classes replace one weekly class session with online work. Some only meet in person a few times per quarter. Students must attend all scheduled classroom sessions.

To get started with LWTech Online or Hybrid courses:

  1. Meet with an advisor for help selecting classes and to get connected with other LWTech resources or browse our LWTech online and hybrid course list (on the eLearning site).

  2. Find out more information about the course(s) you want to take by looking in the Course Catalog.

  3. Register for your course(s).

  4. Pay your tuition.

  5. Order your textbooks on campus or online.

  6. Follow the instructions to access your course.

WAOL  Online courses (W1, W2) are 100% online (no face-to-face class time).  They are taught by one of several instructors across the state of Washington.  Please read the Washington Online (W1) Student Orientation Packet to learn more about how to get started.