Immigration Information

  •  The links below provide general information about immigration as a student to the United States.

For immigration information specific to study at Lake Washington Institute of Technology, please see Admissions.

Vacation Policy
To be eligible for a vacation quarter, F-1 students must:

  • Have attended LWTech for 3 consecutive quarters

  • Have proof of insurance for the full duration of the vacation quarter

  • Be in good academic standing for each of those 3 consecutive quarter    

    • Quarterly GPA of 2.0 or higher

  • Be in good immigration standingHave proof of insurance for the full duration of the vacation quarter

    • Enrolled for 12 credits (technical), 15 credits (bridge), or 18 credits (IEP) each quarter

  • If you are a new Winter or Spring student and want to apply for Summer vacation, please contact the international adviser.

The Vacation Request form must be turned in to the IP Office the week before the end of the quarter. Vacation approval will be emailed after grades have been posted.


Termination Policy

Students have three quarters to stay in immigration and academic compliance before being dismissed from LWTech. Please refer to the college's Academic Standards of Progress for detailed information on the policies regarding the consequences of failing classes.

International students who fail three quarters and reach Academic Suspension will have their immigration records terminated due to failing to maintain immigration regulations.