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A Very Quick Lesson on Reading More Effectively!

  1. Before you read any article or chapter, read the title, anything in italics or bold print, anything in large print, anything underlined, and anything with a picture or graph.

  2. Look at any pictures, graphs, or drawings.

  3. The Paragraph: Usually the first sentence of a paragraph will tell you what you are going to read about. The rest of the paragraph will give you facts, examples, data, etc. about the 1st sentence.

The Difference between to and for

These two little prepositions are often difficult for people studying English. Be care not to confuse the preposition to (I am going to class) with the to that accompanies an infinitive: I'm not going to worry.

Use to to express:

  1. Destination We're going to Paris.

  2. Before (in time) It's ten to 2.

  3. Until We'll be in the office from 5 to 6.

  4. Comparison My team won by 2 games to 3.

  5. Receiver I gave the present to her.

Use for to express:

  1. "Intended to belong to" This is for you.
  2. Length of time We've lived here for 2 years.
  3. An arrangement I made an appointment for May 3.
  4. "In favor of" Are you for or against nuclear arms?
  5. Reason What did you do that for?
  6. Purpose (+noun) Let's go out for a meal.
  7. Movement towards I left for school at 8 this morning.
  8. On behalf of (to help somebody) I've cut my finger. Could you please write a note for me?

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