International High School Completion


Complete high school and college requirements at the same time! Save time and money. To be eligible for the International High School Completion program, students must be 16 years old or be a junior or senior in high school, but have not graduated.

To earn the Washington State High School Diploma students will be required to complete the graduation requirements. College classes will count towards graduation, and most will count towards an Associates Degree AND the high school requirements.

Students with TOEFL scores of 54 Internet, 157 computer, or 480 paper-based will be admitted directly into academic classes. Students with no TOEFL scores will take the placement test at Lake Washington. Some intensive English classes may be required before admission into academic classes.

Students in the International High School Completion Program will:

  • Submit official transcripts of high school classes (in English) with the application (high school is 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade)

  • Take all required classes and tests for the state high school reqirements

  • Live with a relative or host family until the age of 18

  • Take a minimum of 15 credits each quarter

Tuition costs per quarter for the International High School Completion Program are based per credit for non-resident tuition prices. Other fees, including medical insurance and books are not included.

International Program Office contact information.