Student Testimonials

Here is what our international students have to say about their experience at LWTech:

Miho KawamuraMiho Kawamura from Japan: pre-Dental Hyiegne
From the day I've moved here from Japan, everyone on campus has been supportive and very warm.  I like the intimate sizes of each class that gives me the opportunity to ask more questions and the instructors seem happy to answer questions. They also put in every effort to make things easier to understand. I've expanded my capabilities and met a lot of friends who are also passionate with their future goals and this is where my foundation has been built and this experience will never be forgotten.





Karla ArmendarizKarla Armendariz from Mexico: Multimedia Design and Production (MMDP)
I came to America four years ago.  I chose LWTech because I heard great things about the programs.  The first time I visited the campus, the people here were so nice and treated me very well.  I have had a lot of great experiences at LWTech.  I learned all the great things about Multimedia Design, and I started my love of the graphic design world.  I had the best instructors I've ever had.  LWTech changed my life.  It gave me the opportunity to work (during OPT) and gain professional experience and study at the same time.  Last year I got my Associates Degree in MMDP and next quarter I will finish my Bachelor's Degree.  I am very happy being at LWTech!



Nao DonumaNao Donuma from Japan: Horticulture
I loved every part of the Horticulture program!  But my favorite, I would say was the Plant Identification class. In this class, we studied about the characteristics, diseases, landscape usage, etc. of plants.  This gave me a basic knowledge about Botanical names written in Latin and furthered my interest in plants.  The instructors, Don Marshall and Chris Smith are so helpful to answer questions!  Anytime we had a question, they stopped to share the questions and answers with other students. This brought me deeper understanding about what we encounter in this field. Also these two instructor's enthusiasm about this field motivated me to keep learning about horticultural and increased my passion for serving the community.