Internships offer a unique experience for each individual learner and is a great opportunity to gain at-work skills. Although internships are not required to complete the Accounting program, it is highly recommended by employers in the field. Internships can begin anytime during the quarter, may be paid or non-paid, can vary in length and upon successful completion provide 3-5 college credits.

If you are motivated to get a head start in your career and interested in gaining work experience while earning college credit, get more details by setting up an appointment with your faculty adviser.

How it Works

All internships are conducted through the Cooperative Education Work Experience which is based on the participation of the student, program instructor, coop coordinator and the employer. The Cooperative Work Experience method allows the student to accrue college credit while working for an approved employer. Students must sign up for the Cooperative Education Work Experience course(s) to earn college credits.

Available Internships

Internships can be found on various websites and search tools, you can start searching for an internship through the Employment Resource Center, West Building, W207, on the Kirkland campus.