1. What times are classes offered?

a.  Monday - Friday 7:00-11:50am (summer qtr hours are longer in the day) b.   Program starts every quarter. 

2. Teaching Modality?

Face-to-face, web-enhanced, lecture/lab, class size - 24 is the cap.

3. Can the program be taken part-time?


4. What kinds of jobs can one get?

Entry level automotive repair tech, parts technician, service writer, at automotive dealerships, repair shops and custom fabrication shops.  

5. What is the starting salary?

Start with $11-12/hour with benefits.

6. What would be job options with only a Cert of Proficiency?

Lube tech and some of the same options as AAS.

7. Are internships required?

No, but some are available.  Many students choose to have part-time automotive jobs as a way to build experience.

8.  Prepared/Successful Students in this program...

Attention to detail, punctuality, good attendance, enjoys solving problems.

9. What class-supplies, tools, uniforms needed?

Tools ($1500 - $3000), appropriate shop attire.

10. What is the program cost?

Estimated Program Costs

11. Do I need health insurance?

No, but recommended.

12. Is the degree transferable?


13. Is having a Criminal Record an impediment to getting hired in the industry?

Yes. To be employable must have a good driving record, active license and insurable.