Lee Gray Scholarship

Lee Gray ScholarshipShawn McPherren (center) receives the
first Lee Gray Memorial Scholarship from Lee's daughter Cindy Gray
and Instructor Jim Howe.

The Lee Gray Scholarship preserves the memory and spirit of Lee Gray a vital part of the CSNT program. Lee was interested in helping students with the cost of certifications to give them an advantage as they complete their training and enter the workforce. He was concerned about the financial cost, coming when student funding and resources are typically running out. Shawn will use the award to get his Cisco CCNA certification.

Lee's legacy was to teach the students many things. The CSNT Instructors looked for some or all of the following to select students like Shawn who embody that same spirit.

  1. Works well in teams and helps other students.

  2. Serious about his or her career goals.

  3. Understands the value of lifelong learning.

  4. Appreciates the advantages of diversity.

  5. Works hard to meet certification standards.

  6. Uses hands-on experiences to learn and acquire skills.

  7. Demonstrates the importance of excellent customer service

  8. Always has fun.

  9. Always is flexible.

  10. Has a positive attitude.

Lee Gray

Lee Gray photoLee Gray, retired tenured faculty and longtime LWTC employee, passed away in 2002, leaving behind his wife Judy, and two daughters, Cindy and Kathy.

Lee taught and mentored students at the college for almost 18 years, helping to start and grow the Computer Field Service program into the larger, more advanced CSNT program. Lee was highly regarded by his students and his colleagues. His students have been very successful in industry and some even returned to the college as successful instructors, including Jim Howe, Mark Waddington, and Marvin Everest to name just a few. Lee was a professional instructor with a calm, direct, focused, and empathetic demeanor who always kept his humor. He was an excellent role model for all of us, whether it was as a teacher, colleague, parent, or friend.

Lee was a respected leader among the faculty and served his colleagues as president of the Lake Washington Federation of Teachers. He was also in high demand as a tenure committee chair, helping faculty hone their teaching skills. Lee also represented the college as part of the Leadership Institute, initially helping to develop and implement student recognition programs in a local high school and later as a member of the curriculum committee. He also recommended other LWTC employees for the Leadership Institute.

Lee loved LWTC so much that he encouraged his two daughters Kathy and Cindy to work here.