The Culinary Arts program prepares students for careers as cooks and chefs in commercial and retail food service businesses.

Types of work

Graduates often find work in commercial kitchens of a restaurant, catering companies, cafeterias, delis or other specialty shops.

Future jobs*

In Washington, this occupation is expected to grow about 15% over the next six years.

Salary examples*

Wages vary with size of establishment and location. Starting wages are usually about $1,544 to $2,371 per month. For more experienced workers, wages range from $7.00 to $15.00 per hour ($1,213 to $2,600 per month). In the Puget Sound region cooks average $13.20 to $14.40 per hour. Experienced chefs working at bigger hotels or restaurants can earn $55,000 annually or more.

What jobs are available now?

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Culinary Art Salary in Seattle, WA