1. What times are classes offered?

Monday - Friday 7:30-5pm (summer qtr hours are longer) Program starts Fall and Spring quarters.  Summer quarter registration is required. *printed schedule reflects only lecture time, and does not reflect additional required lab time.

2. Teaching Modality?

Face-to-face, web-enhanced ,lecture/lab, class size - 24 is the cap.

3. Can the program be taken part-time?


4. What kinds of jobs can one get?

Entry level chair-side dental assistant, dental front office, private general practice, or a specialty office, dental clinics.  What is the starting salary?  Start with $14-$18/hour.

5. What would be job options with only a Cert of Proficiency?

Same options as with an AAS degree.

6. Are internships required?

Yes, 120hours in private practice and off-campus clinics; Assistance is provided with placement or student can find a place on their own.

7.  Prepared/Successful Students in this program have...

Attention to detail, punctuality, good attendance, enjoys working with people, flexibility with time schedules, follow professional industry standards regarding dress code.

8. What class-supplies, tools, uniforms needed?

The Instrument Issue (purchased through Smart Practice), scrubs and shoes, safety glasses.

9. What is the program cost?

Estimated Program Costs

10. Do I need health insurance?

No, but recommended.

11. Is the degree transferable?


12. Is having a Criminal Record an impediment to getting hired in the industry?

Yes, it could prevent you from getting registered as a dental assistant with the state (RDA).

13. Can I work while enrolled in the program?

Not recommended by faculty.