Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician

The Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician AAS degree educates and mentors students in the latest technology, equipment, ideals, and fuel systems that power the diesel and heavy equipment industry today and in the future both close to home and at locations worldwide. It prepares students for lifelong learning and skill development, help students realize their potential to be successful at their careers and improve our community, economy and environment.

Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician AAS degree students learn how to diagnose problems and perform repairs on various vehicle components including engines, fuel, cooling, electrical, electronic,  hydraulic, brake, suspension, undercarriage, power-shift and drive-train systems in the trucking and heavy equipment industry. Students will spend their first term training in a transportation core curriculum. The laboratory area simulates an industry environment. Students who have met the course objectives may be placed in a cooperative work experience to further develop their skills on the job.

About the Program

The Diesel and Heavy Equipment Program is one of the most popular at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Because graduates have been successful in the diesel and heavy equipment field, program enrollment has remained high. What makes this program an attractive educational choice, is the high demand for qualified technicians, the great wages and benefits they receive and the diversity of options for employment in this field. LWTech has possibly the best diesel and heavy equipment program to be found anywhere and its graduates enjoy an elite status among industries requiring their skill.

One of the chief assets of this program is its instructor Gary Smith. With a wealth of experience, stretching over thirty years, Gary Smith understands what is important for his students to learn and takes a personal interest in their success. The diesel mechanic technical field is rapidly changing, becoming more high-tech, due to increasing demands for greater fuel efficiency and cleaner combustion. LWTech and Gary are continually striving to provide techniques and an environment for learning that are representative of these rapid changes in diesel technology, and to equip students with the highest caliber of skills that are in demand today.

Due to its popularity and success it is not unusual for many of the students in this program to have opted to make lengthy commutes each day, even though similar programs are available nearby. The expected rewards upon completion of this program can be substantial and will provide a wide range of employment opportunities. "At least 95% of our students go right to work upon their completion of this program," says Gary Smith. "If you are interested in a career as a diesel and heavy equipment technician, it will be difficult to find a program anywhere better than what you will find at LWTech."

Transportation Department

The demand is high for competent and skilled technicians in the transportation industry, and numerous employment opportunities await the students who successfully complete any of eleven certificate or degree programs offered through LWTech's Transportation Department. Students receive the highest caliber of training and instruction in an environment that provides a unique opportunity to learn state of the art skills. Instructors are passionate in their desire to see that their students become equipped with the tools necessary to compete for the best paying jobs in their field of learning.

The student who has successfully completed either the requirements for a certificate or a degree can expect employment opportunities to come looking for them. LWTech is widely recognized as an institution that gives its students an edge, having received their training with the most sophisticated and state of the art training methods available and from instructors who strive to insure that all of their students succeed.

Admission Requirements

Program Costs

Degrees and Certificates






Diesel & Heavy Equipment
Technician AAS



Fall, Winter,
Spring, Summer


Diesel & Heavy Equipment
Technician-Certificate of Proficiency



Fall, Winter,
Spring, Summer


*Program length is estimated. See your counselor or adviser.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Regulations published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010, require institutions to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). Those regulations also provide that institutions must disclose to prospective students certain information about the institution's GE Programs.