AAS Curriculum & Outcomes

Electronics Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree

120 Credits

Program Mission: The Electronics Technology AAS degree prepares students to utilize the skills learned in this program to enter into either the electronics manufacturing industry as engineering technicians, electronics specialists, inspectors, managers, and testers, or into any of the high-tech industry maintaining multi-million dollar machines and devices utilized in almost all high-tech fields today.

The Electronics Technology AAS degree exposes students to a basic core of skills through advanced electronics principles and applications. By focusing on the idea that a career in high-tech involves constant and continuing education, the student learns the importance of life-long learning. Through this, the program prepares its graduates for entry level positions in the rapidly growing high-tech industries of the 21st century.

Electronics Technology AAS degree graduates will:

  • Be prepared to obtain entry-level positions as Electronics Technicians, Installers, Assemblers and Troubleshooters
  • Be prepared with the skills to perform standard workplace functions with minimal supervision
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, communication, intercultural appreciation , and technical and information literacy skills
  • Meet Social Science, Humanities, Written Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning distribution area outcomes

It is the student's responsibility to discuss sequencing and work out their individual schedule with a counselor or advisor. Any developmental coursework a student may be required to complete may increase the program length.


Admission Dates: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Requirements

ELEC 110 Introduction to Electronics I 6
ELEC 111 Computer Literacy for Electronics Professionals 2
ELEC 113 Career Planning & Leadership I 2
ELEC 114 Electronic Testing Processes & Techniques I 2
ELEC 115 Electronics Manufacturing Testing Techniques I 5
ELEC 116 Introduction to PLC's 5
ELEC 120 Introduction to Electronics II 6
ELEC 126 Electronics Manufacturing Testing Techniques II 5
ELEC 130 Electricity & Electronics 6
ELEC 137 Introduction to Semiconductors & Analog Electronics 5
ELEC 211 Digital Electronics 6
ELEC 213 Career Planning & Leadership II 2
ELEC 214 Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits 4
ELEC 216 Mechatronics 4
ELEC 217 Data Acquisition & Test Automation 5
ELEC 221 FCC/CET Preparation 1
ELEC 223 Communication Electronics 5
ELEC 224 Electronic Circuits 5
ELEC 225 Linear Circuits 5
ELEC 226 Introduction to Automation/ Electromechanical 4
ELEC 237 Intro to Microprocessors & Microcontrollers 5
ELEC 239 Printed Circuit Board Layout and Design 6
ELEC 297 Electronics Capstone, Degree Level 4

Academic Core Requirements - 20 Credits

Written Communication 5
Humanities 5
Quantitative Reasoning 5
Social Science 5
Total Program Credits120

See Academic Core for a list of all applicable courses for each of the categories listed above.