Electronics Technician Career Opportunities

The primary focus of the curriculum exposes students to a basic core of skills through advanced electronics principles and applications. By focusing on the idea that a career in high-tech involves constant and continuing education, the student learns the importance of life-long learning. Through this, the program prepares its graduates for entry level positions in the rapidly growing high-tech industries of the 21st century.

Types of work

Graduates will be able to utilize the skills learned in this program to enter into either the electronics manufacturing industry as assemblers, inspectors, managers and testers, or into any high-tech industry maintaining one of the many multi-million dollar machines and devices utilized in almost all high-tech fields today.

Future jobs*

In Washington, this occupation is expected to grow about 16% over the next six years.

Salary examples*

In Washington, the average entry level wage for Electronic Engineering Technicians is $16.07 per hour. Half of all Electronic Engineering Technicians in the State earn between $3,117 and $4,853 per month ($17.98 and $28.00 per hour).

What jobs are available now?

Search these job databases for Seattle-area jobs:

* Information from Washington Occupational Information System (WOIS), 2005-2007