Architectural Graphics

Where to find work

Engineering Graphics (including Architectural Graphics) technicians work with construction firms, architectural product manufacturers, building design firms, city, county and state architectural and civil engineering departments, and corporate architectural and civil engineering departments. Technicians are needed to develop site plans, construction details, building designs, cost estimates, specification plans for remodeling and additions to existing buildings.

Future jobs*

Jobs in Engineering Graphics are tied to the strength of the economy and the particular field of specialization. In Washington, this occupation is expected to grow about 16% over the next six years.

Salary example*

In the Puget Sound, entry-level engineering technicians with an associate degree and up to two years experience average $2,580 to $3,570 per month, while those with two to four years experience average $2,970 to $3,920 per month.

What jobs are available now?

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Engineering Graphics Salary in Seattle, WA