1. What times are classes offered?

Morning, Afternoon & Evening.

2. Teaching Modality?

Face-to-face, online, hybrid, lecture/lab, teams and individual work (Class cap is 20).

3. Can the Program be taken part-time?


4. What kinds of jobs can one get? What is the starting Salary?

Entry-level Designer, salary varies.

5. What would be job options with only a Cert of Proficiency?

Occasional entry-level - most are looking for at least an AAS.

6. Are Internships required?

Not required but encouraged and supported.

7. Prepared/Successful students in this program are equipped with...

Skills to perform standard workplace functions, be problem solvers and design thinkers, skilled in research techniques & use of library resources, well grounded in basic drafting fundamentals, concepts and techniques,  & to be clear and effective communicators.

8. What class-supplies, tools, uniforms needed?

Typical drafting tools and computer file-storage devices.

9. What is the program cost?

Estimated Program Costs

10. Do I need health insurance?


11. Is the degree transferable?

All academic/core classes' transfer - others are negotiable with the receiving school.

12. Is having a criminal record an impediment to getting hired in the industry?

It can be - each situation unique.