Curriculum & Outcomes

Medical Coding & Billing Professional

Certificate of Proficiency

63 Credits

The Medical Billing and Coding Professional certificate will prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain an entry-level position in medical insurance coding and office administration within a variety of healthcare settings.

Medical Billing and Coding Professional certificate graduates will:

  • Apply medicolegal principles when working with protected health information (PHI)
  • Accurately code diagnoses and procedures for the medical office
  • Accurately prepare insurance billing forms
  • Competently use software commonly used in the medical practice
  • Be prepared to obtain an entry-level position in their field
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, communication, intercultural appreciation, and technical and information literacy skills

It is the student's responsibility to discuss sequencing and work out their individual schedule with a counselor or advisor. Any developmental coursework a student may be required to complete may increase the program length.


Admission Dates: Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Requirements

MEDA 115 Law & Ethics 3
MEDA 116 Medical Terminology 5
MEDA 121 Medical Office Skills 5
MEDA 136 Coding/Billing/Insurance 5
MEDA 140 Medical Reimbursement Systems 5
MEDA 154 Intermediate Medical Coding 5
MEDA 211 Medical Computer Applications 5
MEDA 214 Disease Conditions/ Community Health 5
MEDA 254 Advanced Medical Coding 5

Academic Core Requirements - 20 Credits

BIOL& 175 Human Biology w/Lab 5
PSYC& 100 General Psychology 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
Quantitative Reasoning 5
Total Program Credits63

See Academic Core for a list of all applicable courses for each of the categories listed above.