Khara S.Khara S.
Web Specialist, Downtown Seattle Association

I recently became the Web Specialist for the Downtown Seattle Association and have spent the past month here getting up to speed and taking up responsibilities for the company's email newsletters, website(s), and special projects. It's been an amazing experience to work with an incredibly savvy and knowledgeable staff that has openly accepted me into their ranks. I feel like I'm really getting to dip my fingers into some of the things that interest me most: helping to manage a large WordPress website that is constantly updated with interesting content, creating/editing various design assets, creating Google Analytics reports for my team, and also implementing and deploying our HTML email newsletters.

Prior to earning this position with the DSA, I spent a year as a Web Builder for Cobalt/ADP in Seattle. I credit a lot of my early professional success to the skills I gained in the MMDP program, as I was able to get the job with ADP/Cobalt within a year of graduating. I owe a lot to the great faculty at LWIT and to the content of the courses they taught including Photoshop, Layout Graphic Design and Typography.

As I continue to grow in this role with the DSA, I hope to further develop my skillset and expand on the great base of knowledge that LWIT provided me. I plan to take courses towards a Bachelor's degree and various certifications that I believe will allow me to perform my job more effectively. The desire for knowledge was sparked at LWIT and I plan to continue to stay atop the most recent trends, technologies and concepts.


Andrew BrownAnrdew Brown
Graphic Designer, Community Transit

I decided that I needed a new career. I chose LWIT, because I could cater the MMDP program succinctly with my interests and newly found career goals. After a short time in the recreation field, I realized I needed a creative pursuit. I wanted now to be a GRAPHIC DESIGNER.

My experience at LWIT was extremely positive. I came to the MMDP department hoping I could make up some lost ground quickly. At this point I had already received my BA in recreation (from WWU), but now needed to make this career switch as swiftly as possible. I took anywhere from 5-7 courses each quarter from fall until spring. Every class I had has been deeply impactful to prepare     me for the career I have today. I graduated with a certificate in both Print and Web Design.

Besides freelancing, I started my first graphic design job with Molina Healthcare 2 weeks after graduation. Molina Healthcare was great. I spent 5 years in their marketing department doing graphic design, illustration, web design and product photography. Additionally, I have been able develop a consistent group of clients for my freelance business. Check out Currently, I have moved on to Community Transit, where I am a graphic designer in their Marketing Department. In addition to my design roles I also lead and shoot creative photography for Community Transit. Photography has become my purest artistic passion, ever since my two boys were old enough to have their picture taken.

I love my job and am very grateful for my experiences so far. I owe LWIT so much for giving me the start to my second career. Seriously, I learned an astonishing amount from top-notch education in just 9 months (And I didn't become poor from the cost). I recommend this school over and over. Check it out!


Anna F.Anna F.
Web Designer, Redmond, WA

I graduated from high school and decided to chase my dreams of becoming a professional artist. My mother is an experienced painter, and gave me every opportunity I could have ever wanted in the   field of Design and Art throughout my childhood. I want to thank my grandparents for always telling me that I needed to go to college. Even though neither was able to see me walk at graduation, I still felt that they were with me in my heart.

I decided to get my associates in Multimedia Design and Production at LWTC because it not only fit my budget but from the moment I walked into the college, I knew it was the right learning environment for me. I have forged professional relationships and creative skills that will guide me for the rest of my life.

After obtaining my degree, I searched for a job in my field. It took about 6 months before a lasting web design career took root. I now work in Redmond, WA and continue my education through the researching and self-teaching skills that LWTC provided. I love the work I do and could not be happier with my choice in higher education.