What times are classes offered?

MMDP Classes are offered mornings, afternoons and evenings.  Specific classes for the Video and Web Production program are offered ONLY during the day.

Teaching Modality

All options are available, including face-to-face, online, and hybrid. Classes are a blend of lecture and lab, and average class size is approximately 20.

Can the program be taken part-time?

Yes, students can complete degrees and certificates at any pace, and in any combination as long as prerequisites are observed. There is a suggested course sequence included in the Academic Plan.

What kinds of jobs can one get? 

Entry level jobs in video production, video editing and motion graphics.

What would be job options with only a Cert of Proficiency?

Entry level jobs in video production, motion graphics or web design fields. Many students who find certificates valuable are already working and take it to upgrade skills. Certificates can also be taken as an introduction to a new design field.  It is recommended that a student new to this field should talk to faculty.

Are internships required?

Not required, but are available for academic credit.  Instructor is involved with screening companies and helping to place students in internships. Internships are variable credit and can apply as technical electives towards a degree or certificate.

Prepared/Successful Students in this program have...

A love of learning and an ability to adapt to a fast paced, changing industry; A desire to tackle new projects and solve problems ;Open minded, creative, and comfortable working with computers and technology. Successful students tend to purchase software for home (for homework and additional practice) in addition to technology and software supplied in class. Excellent software discounts are available to students enrolled in the MMDP program.

What class-supplies, tools, uniforms needed?

It differs from class to class; students are encouraged to buy an external hard drive to store the video projects

What is the program cost?

Estimated Costs

Do I need health insurance?


Is the degree transferable?

No.  However, all academic core classes transfer in degrees labeled AAS-T

What if a student has criminal record? Can that student get hired in the industry?

Not an issue with most companies