Video & Web Production AAS-T Degree

Video & Web Production 

Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degree

100 Credits

Program Mission: The Video and Web Production AAS-T degree educates and mentors students in the tools and techniques required to produce and distribute videos in the digital age. We prepare students to be well versed in a variety of software so that they can produce videos in both small and large-scale production companies, as well as take on projects in a wide variety of genres including corporate video, documentary, narrative, music videos, and commercials.

The curriculum has been updated to reflect the growing synergy between web design and video production as organizations seek to add compelling video content to their websites and develop a social media presence. Students will learn digital storytelling and web design principles, and develop strong video and web production skills through software such as Final Cut Studio, After Effects, Dreamweaver and Flash. Video content distribution through different digital formats will be explored.

Video and Web Production AAS-T degree graduates will:

  • be prepared to obtain an entry-level position in their field
  • edit video in a wide variety of genres including: narrative, documentary, and commercials
  • conceptualize story ideas and present them before an audience
  • think critically about the films they watch
  • properly operate a video camera and sound equipment
  • properly compress media for different distribution methods
  • describe the importance of site navigation and usability in web design
  • produce a professional resume, cover letter and industry-ready portfolio
  • correctly write HTML code and create cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • demonstrate technical proficiency and creative skills
  • demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, communication, intercultural appreciation, and technical and information literacy skills
  • meet Social Science, Humanities, Written Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning distribution area outcomes

Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not offer every course each quarter.  It is the student’s responsibility to discuss sequencing and work out their individual schedule with a counselor or advisor. Any developmental coursework a student may be required to complete may increase the program length.


Admission Dates:  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Requirements

ART 102 Beginning Two-Dimensional Design 5
HUM 110 Introduction to Film 5
MMDP 101 Digital Design Survey 4
MMDP 107 Digital Storytelling 5
MMDP 119 Video Production 5
MMDP 120 Digital Content Delivery 5
MMDP 121 Vector Illustration 1 with Illustrator 4
MMDP 122 Image Editing 1 with Photoshop 4
MMDP 123 Multimedia Authoring with Flash 4
MMDP 133 Web Authoring with Dreamweaver 4
MMDP 139 Digital Video Editing 5
MMDP 153 Intro to Web & Mobile Design 5
MMDP 159 Advanced Production and Editing 5
MMDP 160 Digital Sound 5
MMDP 170 Motions Graphics with After Effects 5
MMDP 190 Portfolio/Job Search 5


Academic Core Requirements - 20 credits

ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
MATH& 107 Math in Society1 5
Social Science 5
Humanities 5
Total Program Credits100

1Or any college level math course with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite

See Academic Core  for a list of all applicable courses for each of the categories listed above