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Director, Nursing Programs

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Suzy Dalgarn

Full-Time Faculty

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Jessica Gonzales

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Paul L. Bowlus-Root, MN RN

Paul Bowlus-Root received his BSN from the University of Iowa and his MN from the University of Washington. He is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and attended doctoral courses at Washington State University. Paul's first career was as a US Army Nurse Corp Officer, working in critical care, ambulatory care, education, and administration. After retiring from the Army, he worked as a health care administrator for Washington State prior to coming to Lake Washington Institute of Technology to teach. He was instrumental in developing the RN program and assisting the college in developing new Allied Health programs.

Suzy Dalgarn, RN, MSN, CNESuzy Dalgam

Suzy Dalgarn has been a full-time nursing instructor at Lake Washington Institute of Technology since 2000. She has taught in the LWTech nursing programs for 11 years specializing in Medical Surgical and Mental Health Nursing. She earned a Certified Nurse Educator certification in 2005 and recently completed a post graduate certification as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She is active in several college committees including the budget/finance and tenure committees.

Suzy has a passion for teaching and enjoys helping students learn the nursing role. She was the first in Washington state to earn the NLN Certified Nurse Educator credential. She serves on a variety of college committees and is active in the National League of Nursing. Suzy's interests are in Medical Surgical and Mental Health nursing. Suzy was recognized with the LWTech instructor excellence award for 2005.

Roxanne Olason

Roxanne is a nursing undergraduate from the University of Washington and board certified in advanced nursing administration.  She holds a master's degree in Health Services Administration from St. Joseph's College in Standish, Maine.

Roxanne has over fifteen years of experience in healthcare administration including positions as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President of Patient Care Services. She has delivered numerous speaking/teaching engagements including work with the University of Washington's Department of Continuing Nursing Education, Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, the New Hampshire Hospital Association, NH Public Radio, Intermountain Healthcare, and various nursing professional organizations such as AAACN and AONE.