Curriculum & Outcomes


Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degree

92 Credits

Program Mission: The Nursing AAS-T degree prepares students who are highly educated, technically advanced, competent and caring individuals to practice professional nursing in a variety of settings and participate in lifelong learning.

Graduates of the program are eligible to take the examination for licensure as a registered nurse (NCLEX-RN). Minimum admission requirements: Completion of application for admission to the nursing program, minimum GPA 3.0, Entrance Test results, an essay, and 3  recommendations.

Nursing AAS-T degree graduates (RN) will:

  • Be prepared to obtain an entry-level position in their field
  • Be competent in skills and knowledge necessary for the professional nursing role
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with individuals from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Use effective communication for initiating teaching for patients, families, and staff
  • Use critical thinking for decision-making across the entire nursing process in relationship to caring for individuals and families
  • Assess, analyze data, develop a nursing plan of care, implement therapeutic nursing interventions, and evaluate client outcomes to assist the individuals and families toward optimal functioning health
  • Maintain technical and information literacy to support direct care, and evidence based practice and the value of research in nursing
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, teamwork, communication, intercultural appreciation , and technical and information literacy skills
  • Meet Social Science, Humanities, Written Communication, and Quantitative Reasoning distribution area outcomes

It is the student’s responsibility to discuss sequencing and work out their individual schedule with a counselor or advisor. Any developmental coursework a student may be required to complete may increase the program length.


Admission Dates: Fall, Winter, Spring

Prerequisite course requirements

BIOL& 241 Human A & P I 6
BIOL& 242 Human A & P II 6
CHEM& 121 Into to Chemistry 5
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 5
MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics 5
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology 5
Total Prerequisite Credits32

Program Requirements

NURS 110 Introduction to Pathophysiology 3
NURS 111 Nursing Foundations 4
NURS 112 Nursing Foundations Practicum 2
NURS 113 Health Assessment &Promotion 2
NURS 116 Communication Processes in Nursing 2
NURS 117 Skills Lab I 2
NURS 121 Medical-Surgical Nursing I 4
NURS 122 Medical-Surgical Nursing I Practicum 5
NURS 128 Skills Lab II 2
NURS 129 Gerontological Nursing 2
NURS 131 Medical-Surgical Nursing II 4
NURS 132 Medical-Surgical Nursing II Practicum 5
NURS 134 Introduction to Pharmacology 3
NURS 135 Mental Health Nursing 3
NURS 139 Mental Health Nursing Practicum 3
NURS 221 Nursing & theChildbearing Family 3
NURS 222 Nursing & the Childbearing Family Practicum 3
NURS 225 Nursing of Children 3
NURS 226 Nursing of Children Practicum 3
NURS 241 Medical-Surgical Nursing III 5
NURS 242 Medical-Surgical Nursing III Practicum 5
NURS 243 Leadership and Nursing Practice 3
NURS 244 Leadership and Nursing Practice Preceptorship 6

Academic Core Requirements

BIOL& 260 Microbiology 5
CMST& Oral Communication 5
NUTR& 101 Nutrition 5
Total Program Credits92

See Academic Core for a list of all applicable courses for each of the categories listed above.

**All Academic Core courses are required to be completed prior to the sixth term of the Associate Degree Nursing program.

Nursing Assistant

Certificate of Completion

11 Credits

The Nursing Assistant certificate prepares students for employment as Nursing Assistants in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home healthcare agencies. Additionally, this program prepares students for continuation on into practical or registered nurse programs. Graduates of the program are eligible to take the certification examination to become Certified Nursing Assistant.

Admission requirements:

  • ENGL 093 or equivalent placement score


Admission Dates: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Program Requirements

NURS 107 Nursing Assistant Theory 5
NURS 108 Nursing Assistant Laboratory 3
NURS 109 Nursing Assistant Practicum 3
Total Program Credits11