Philosophy & Mission

The mission of the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program is to prepare assistants in the field of occupational therapy with the skill base, fund of knowledge, and understanding and demonstration of professional behaviors necessary to succeed in their chosen vocational pathway.  This is congruent with the mission of Lake Washington Institute of Technology which is focused on successful workforce education of individuals from diverse backgrounds, giving them the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to successfully compete for jobs and to cope with ever-changing work force requirements; and to provide education that encourages lifelong learning and growth, both on the job and in the home.

The primary objective of this training is to produce clinicians in the field of occupational therapy to plan and implement, in collaboration with occupational therapists, the use of occupation-based, meaningful activities to achieve the desired functional, cognitiveand psychosocial patient and client outcomes. 

The OTA Program at LWTech seeks to fulfill the need for qualified Occupational Therapy Assistants in the North Puget Sound, as well as other Pacific Northwest areas. In addition, the program mission includes:

  • Preparing students for successful completion of Levels I and II Fieldwork

  • Preparing graduates to pass the national certification examination adme National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT)

  • Developing entry-level skills through effective didactic and laboratory learning experiences

  • Developing professional behaviors including communication skills, good work habits, and  an understanding of health care and community work arenas

  • Preparing students for their profession in accordance with the Standards outlined by The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) and by the Ethics policy documents  published by The American Occupational Therapy Association

  • Developing an appreciation and respect for the inherent worthiness and uniqueness of each student and all future patients or clients, regardless of differences in age, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual preference, or race.

  • Instilling a desire and pursuit of life-long learning to comply with licensure continuing education requirements and to enhance both professional and personal growth

  • Encouraging the active engagement in professional associations, nationally and locally

  • Enabling students to articulate, with simplicity and enthusiasm, the benefits of occupational therapy services and the uniqueness of the profession

  • Integrating campus wide learning outcomes into curriculum requirements 

Program Philosophy

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology is guided by the philosophy that individuals, through the lifespan, are shaped and influenced by meaningful occupation, by physical and social environments, and the development of skills and patterns of behavior.

Purposeful activity, or occupation, is the means for persons to engage in meaningful behavior and valued life roles. This view maintains that occupation is an essential aspect of human life and health, and that activity patterns, roles, and environments are definitive, unique, and can be used for healing, maintaining wellness, and establishing a satisfying life.  Individuals form and act out their unique roles through occupation. 

When a person's health and activity patterns are changed due to illness, injury, or an environmental threat, he or she can use occupation as the goal directed use of time, energy, interest, and attention to reclaim the desired function. Occupational Therapy clinicians use purposeful, goal-directed activities to promote the maximum performance to which the individual is capable and to which the individual is intent upon. Occupational therapy practitioners also enable clients to adapt to their environment and unique situations, or to change them in order to reach the maximum desired functional performance in their daily routines.  The intrinsic value of daily activities and purposeful occupation cannot be overemphasized. All human occupations have emotional, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and contextual dimensions.  People may be independent and functional in a variety of ways and have the right to choose their activities and the context in which they are performed.

The OTA Program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology will use occupation and purposeful activity as a main tool for the education of students.  OTA students will be introduced to models of occupation at the onset of the curriculum, and will apply the tenets to their own lives as they progress. This, the application of the very concepts and foundations of occupational therapy, will allow them to graduate with a firm understanding of occupation as the foundation of their chosen profession. The education will follow a developmental sequence with an emphasis on volition, habituation and skill development, which occurs in a specific environment. The individual student will receive input, processes it cognitively, neurologically, emotionally, and physically, and then act on the environment in a dynamic open system.  The Program is guided by the belief that Occupational Therapy is a true synergy of art and science.

The very essence of everyday life is the elegant and humble focus of occupational therapy. Through the "doing" of activities of daily living, valued projects, desired engagements, and goal-directed behavior, determined by values, interests, and beliefs, held together by habits, roles and personal style, executed with skills and knowledge, our students and their future clients and patients will lead satisfying and meaningful lives.