How to Enroll


The LWTech High School Program's comprehensive approach to student selection is the product of national best practices, bounded by state regulation, and supported by intensive training and a dedicated, professional, highly qualified team. One point to emphasize is that meeting the eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance.


1.     Register for a HOP session by calling 425-739-8107

HOP stands for High School OPtions and is an information session that lets you know more about our school and the programs we have available for high school students. Coming to a HOP session is a required first step for enrollment in our high school. You must register ahead of time by calling 425-739-8107. HOPs are generally held on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


2.     Come to a HOP session

a. Bring your transcript. It does not have to be an official transcript, but it does have to include all your high school credits that you've earned so far. Your transcript is your ticket in the door. We cannot let you in to the HOP without it. If you have been homeschooled, let us know that when you call to register for the HOP.

b. Bring a parent. A parent or guardian is required to attend with you. This is true even if you are 18 years old. 


3.     Write an Essay and Take a Compass Test

After the HOP, you will schedule an appointment to take a Compass test. We will also give you an essay question and information on resources to prepare for the Compass test. 


4.     Write a Second Essay and Come to an interview

After your Compass test, you will be given a second essay question and we will schedule a time for your interview. All prospective students are interviewed and the advisor will place you in the high school program that is the best fit for you.  


5.     Acceptance or Referral

Students are matched with the appropriate program based on a comprehensive review. This review includes an evaluation of transcripts, placement scores, review of applicant essays, student history, and the interview.

Based on the comprehensive evaluation, students may be referred to direct entry into the Academy, Gateway to College, SkillBuilding, GED®, or other programs within the community. This determination is based on our professional judgment to find the right program to improve a student's likelihood of success. 


 Still have questions? Please call us at 425-739-8107