Tech Prep

Tech Prep, established in 1990, is a national reform movement to encourage all high school student to continue their education beyond high school by aligning vocational/technical education in the high schools and community/technical colleges. 

How does Tech Prep help you at Lake Washington Institute of Technology?

  • Provides accelerated path for motivated and self-directed students from high school through college, or through professional/technical training/certification.

  • Provides students with challenge, motivation, and connection to future possibilities and can help reduce high school disconnect/boredom.

  • Provides opportunity for high school students to satisfy foundation/Gen Ed/gateway post secondary courses in high school.

  • Strengthens students skills and competencies.

  • Provides students with opportunity to complete short-term technical certificates or degree in a compressed time frame and to boost their earning potential as they move into a career, or to broaden their options to continue their education while they work.

  • Students who chose to continue their education may take advantage of one of the many 2+2+2 articulated programs between two and four-year.

  • Eliminates the commute time, transportation and related costs for high school students to travel to their local community college for programs such as Running Start.

  • Allows students to remain with their cohort group in their high school.

Contact Information

Tech Prep Enrollment
Tanya Rettinger
Tech Prep CC Director
(425) 564-6158 

Articulations for Tech Prep courses
Kim Infinger
LWTech Tech Prep Coordinator
(425) 739-8274

Find out if you recieved credit(s) at LWTech or to receive an LWTech official transcript
Larisa Akselrud
Enrollment Services
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