Paying for College

Let us help you pay for college

You'll be surprised at the number of financial assistance options available to you at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

Financial assistance isn't just for low-income students any more. It's available to just about every student that comes through our doors. Listed below are the numerous options available for you, with links for more detailed information.

Federal and State Financial Aid

You don't have to be a low-income student to qualify for some types of aid. To get started, visit Financial Aid and review the Financial Aid Checklist. For questions or more information,  call (425) 739-8106 or send an email.

Student Payment Plan

LWTech's Student Payment Plan program will allow you to pay for your education on an installment plan. You can make payments in monthly installments each academic quarter.

Opportunity Grants

If you're a Washington State resident and enrolled in a Health Care, Business, Accounting or I-Best program, you could qualify for financial aid through LWTech's Opportunity Grants program. If you have questions, please email or call (425) 739-8100,  ext.8448

WorkFirst Program

You may be eligible to receive funding through the WorkFirst program if you are a current TANF recipient. For more information call (425) 739-8339 or (425) 739-8131.

Worker Retraining Program

If you're unemployed or vulnerable to a layoff, you can obtain financial aid through the Worker Retraining program. This program also serves military veterans, displaced homemakers and others. For more information call (425) 739-8206.

Veteran's Programs

If you're a veteran receiving the GI Bill or similar benefits, you can receive financial assistance for most LWTech courses and programs through Veterans programs. In addition, you may be eligible for a 25% waiver of tuition and fees if you're a veteran or a member of the National Guard and have been honorably discharged or meet certain requirements.


You could qualify for one of the numerous scholarship opportunities available to LWTech students.

Agency and Employer Assistance

Agencies such as Labor and Industries, Employment Security Dept. (Trade Act), and the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) offer financial assistance to some students. In addition, some employers may offer financial assistance to employees on a contract basis. For more information on setting up these accounts, stop by the Student Accounts Office W201E, email Student Accounts or call (425) 739-8184. Vouchers and funding information may be faxed to (425) 739-8182.

Working Connections Childcare

If you're receiving federal food stamps you may be eligible to receive book & supply funding (up to $250 per quarter) and childcare assistance through Working Connections Childcare (DSHS). For more information go to the BFET page or call 425-576-5811

Tuition Waivers

LWTech offers tuition waivers for students meeting these qualifications:

  • Washington State employees

  • Eligible veterans or National Guard members 

  • Children or spouse of a disabled, deceased, MIA, or POW

  • Children of disabled law enforcement officers and firefighters

  • Senior citizens

  • Vocational students registering for more than 18 credits

  • Nonresident students (waiver of differential between resident and nonresident operating fee)

Certain conditions apply for these waivers.